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I feel so speshul!!!

I got to meet Yarn Harlot! Yup.. the one and only Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (who I pity her for her name… poor thing)

So I logged onto the net today and puttered around. I was going to head up to school to work on some homework, you know, get ahead of some things. Then checked out Yarn Harlot’s Blog and was startled to see that she was heading out to a yarn festival not more than an hour and a half bus ride away from me.


I shut of my computer, grabbed my stuff, dressed myself and bolted for the bus.

an hour and a half later and I was in the festival and hyper excited to actually get to meet THE Harlot.

Well….not only did I get to meet her, talk to her, get my pic with her, and have her sign my books, no… she remembered me… or at least the thinger I sent her…

In her July 11/2k5 blog, the poor Harlot was talking about how sore her ‘arse’ was after a very long bike ride with her children.

Me being the person that I am (and a member of the RAOK group) I sent her off a card, some chocolates… and a gel seat for her bike… (which apparently was very helpful to her on this last 360 ish excursion… the woman’s mad I tell you)

but yes.. when I mentioned that I was the one who had sent her that lovely package, she not only thanked me.. SHE HUGGED ME!

Now for me, a hug is a big thing, it means that this utter stranger is so moved/thankful/whatever that they’re letting me into their personal bubble and giving me a rather intimate display of affection…

therefore… this was uber cool!

Then I left the poor woman to try to continue her shopping and met her handler for the day… Amy from… I mentioned that I’d entered her contest thinger (which i dunno if i blogged about it on here or not, but if i didn’t.. i’ll get right on that), and she immediately said “DON’T TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!!!! I haven’t chosen winners yet and haven’t even had a chance to look at the pictures”..

I’m still kinda worried that mine might not have gone through.. but oh well.

I didn’t get a picture with Amy (kicking myself for that now), but I did notice a woman wandering around and showing her shopping mate 3 copies of Harlot’s new book…. which supposedly isn’t on sale yet, and only the booth where she was signing would be selling them… 22 copies worth… drrr.. not to mention, they wouldn’t be selling them till Harlot was signing… double drr..

so I went over and asked the woman where she got those (she was hiding them under her baby stroller), she looked at me innocently and said “what?!” I pointed and said “those!!!” she looked around like she was some sort of spy, then tilted her head and said “one row that way”…


I was gone!!! Up and down that row I looked… every single booth…3 times over… no luck..

Then, smart little me, I think.. maybe it’s one row further and she just didn’t realize exactly where she was…

Zoooom again..

I start beating my way around the corner and see the little display from behind… I think I startled a few women as I snatched up a copy and went “HA!!!!!!!!!”

Course the fact that I look like a teenager who’s a bit off her rocker (i look nowhere near my age of 23) I think they might have been wondering what I might have been on.. but that’s beside the point.

Then I bolt back to the Gemini booth and get in line.

Harlot was a bit…. astonished by the line, but we were all pleased that she was there.

I also may have a couple new local blog readers now who were in front of me in line *waves* welcome to my insanity!

anyway, I managed to get a pic with the Harlot… and a pic of her signing stuff, so here they are.

I’m a bit… tired and such due to starting school and having my world turned upsidedown, but I hope to be able to blog a bit more on here..

Erin, kick my butt if I don’t, You see me on LJ..

and now.. pics..

Yay… Tis Harlot signing her new book!

Me and Harlot. She was really sweet, and I was surprised that she was a bit shorter than me!

So yeah, That was my grand adventure for the day.



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