So far so good… sort of

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Wow this output thing is harder than I thought, it’s so easy to be destracted by pretties like tumblr or youtube.

So I finished a blog post for my work website (all employees are encouraged to contribute to the blog, and apparently the main writer is getting strapped for ideas so I need to see what I can come up with). That post will be on the website this week so yay! Work blog posts take more time to write than something like this because I have research to do and I have to be very careful about how I write them.

The difference between a personal blog and a professional one. However it is a good stretch of the writing muscles and branching out is always a good idea.

I’m still working on a small… well maybe big, blog project, but it’s fairly personal… it’s a project with the Bible. I’m going through the Psalms and finding quotes that can be used as affirmations. I have very poor interal talk, and it was suggested to me that I find something else to tell myself.

If I can’t say that I love me, or that I’m good… at least I can point to the Bible and say God loves me and he thinks that I’m good.

I’ve managed to get to Psalm 33 so far, and after I finish this post I’m moving on the Psalm 34. It’s just tough to keep going at it when there are other, more interesting things to look at.

I did get a fuzzy scarf partly done, though I think I might need to rip it out because once again I made it too wide (I think). I really had fun on Saturday going to knitting, and I also worked a bit more on my dress.

Tonight I’m heading out to practice driving with my instructor before heading to my test for my G license next Tuesday (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!). Driving is not my favourite thing to do.

After that I’m going to see about working on my bags some more… I found some brown and blue broadcloth, and totally just remember that I forgot to contact Joanne about her broadcloth, DRAT! K, have to email her after I’m done this, before writing my psalm post.

Anywhoo, that’s my update so far… I’m doing pretty good getting started on my theme this year I think. I just need to kind of figure out a focus…


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