Christmas Insanity Update #1

September 18, 2008 at 11:59 am | Posted in CIU 2008 | 1 Comment

So it’s time for Christmas Insanity 2008.

Yarn Harlot sometimes refers to the end of this as “IT”.

My list, as you may have read, is on the right.

The Green Items are finished so that’s… one down, tons to go.

Grandpa’s Birthday Socks – These are done in Paton’s Kroy in a solid black (my grandpa’s a pretty down to earth kinda guy and doesn’t like wild colours), I’ll put them in one of my FO picture posts soon and go into more detail there.

The Orange Items are in progress:

Val Baby Blanket – A blanket for my pregnant co-worker who is going on Mat Leave Oct 24, this is an illusion knit star blanket that’s done in two strips. I have 1 strip done and the other 1/3 of the way done… so I’m over half done, close to 75%. This should be ready on time.

Karin Slipper Socks – These I cast on yesterday, however I’m already done the ribbing and I’m working on the cable pattern. I’m probably going to make these shorter than normal because Karin’s tiny, but also because I only have 1 ball per sock (it’s Paton’s Classic Merino) when the pattern called for 1.5… These are for Christmas, and actually they usually come to town after Christmas so I’ve got time. But if I can get them out of the way all the better.

Alistair Baby Blanket – This blanket is for my pseudo-nephew who was born almost a year ago. He came early, like WAY early, and I didn’t have his blanket even started yet (had another babe to knit for at the time). This got put on the burner and I’d really like to have one knit before his first birthday in January so I’m hoping to actually get this done by Christmas. It’s just a simple patterned blanket, I’ve got the bottom border done but not much more, have to get Val’s blanket done first.

Jerry Scarf – C asked me to make a scarf for his Dad who lives up north on Bruce Peninsula where they get a lot of snow and a lot of wind (he’s also right by the water). I’m just using up the wool left over from the first Dr. Who scarf and making a mini version that’s half the width. I’m following the pattern but I doubt I’ll make it 11 feet long again, I’ll just go until I think it’s long enough and then cast off and add fringe. I’m on the second colour for this, so not very far along, but it’s just knitting so I can use it when I don’t want to knit the more difficult stuff.

C’s Sweater – The front of this is partially finished (I really should copy over the post from my blogdrive blog so that you guys can know the beginnings of this sweater…) I’ve got it knit up to the arm pits, I just needed to figure out how to decrease for the arm holes. I’d like to get this done for Christmas, but I think it might get pushed off until his birthday in Februrary.

Red Items aren’t even started

Dad’s Slipper Socks – Same pattern as Karin’s just bigger.

Dad Hat – To keep him warm when he’s loading the planes, probably just going to be a simple ribbed hat.

Jude Baby Blanket – Another pseudo-nephew who snuck up on me and was born last weekend. He’s also getting a simple stitch pattern blanket.

Grandpa Christmas Socks – Another pair of boring socks (probably brown) I’m thinking of putting a cable down the sides of the ankle and leaving the foot plain.

I would also love to make the three pseudo-nephews cardigans but I don’t think I’ll have time with the blankets being top priority. We’ll see. I just hope I don’t end up adding more to this list because I don’t think my poor hands can take it.

Till next time



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