Trip to the Symposium – A restaurant review

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As I stated in my last post, I am going to be talking about a lot of things on this blog, and for this post, I will be reviewing a restaurant that some friends, my husband, and I decided to try. Unfortunately, the fact that we were going was not expressed prior to us heading there, so I didn’t have my camera on me, not even my Ipod, so I have no pictures save what I could find on the restaurant’s website.

I apologize and promise I will be a better blogger next time.

And now onto the review.

We decided to head over to a little restaurant in town called the Symopsium Cafe, and by in town I mean Cambridge, Ontario.

This restaurant is near my work and my hubby and I regularly drive by it. We’ve seen signs outside and were interested to see what they had to offer. From what we’ve seen, it looked like it would be a nice place to go, and on a random whim, my husband decided to drive us there for dinner after we’d spent half an hour with no one wanting to decide on where to eat.

There were four of us to dinner, and we went fairly late, the dinner rush was long over, and we were quite hungry. We were greeted to a very nicely decorated restaurant. Normally when you hear “lounge” you think that there’s a bar area. In this case, there is actually a section that I would call a lounge. Rather than tables, there are comfortable chairs, couches, and small tables all allowing a more intimate setting where you can just sit and chat with your girlfriends, or go out with the guys and watch the game. They do have a bar, but it’s more than that.

The walls are covered with artwork with cracks put through it to make it look aged. The lights are dim, but not so dark that you can’t see. The music was a little loud, but it wasn’t blaring. All told the general atmosphere of the restaurant was quite lovely.

We were quickly seated by a lovely hostess at a corner booth in the back of the restaurant. Our server was very quick to come to our table, and most importantly, when I mentioned my allergies, he was fantastic with double checking everything I asked about. My husband and I ordered teas to drink, our one friend got a rootbeer float, while our other friend got a bottomless pop.

We decided to get a couple of appetizers, the Spinach Dip and the Calamari. The Calamari was fantastic, not too chewy, not oily or greasy. The spinach dip came out different than any I’d had before. It was basically just plain spinach with some cheese melted on top. There was a whole lot of pita on the plate, to the point that we made spinach dip sandwiches. We mentioned our surprise at the spinach to our waiter and within two minutes the manager came over to make sure everything was all right.

For dinner, I ordered the cheeseburger with fries, my hubby had the chicken caesar wrap with caesar salad, and our two friends both had the crab pasta. To start off, the prices were a bit higher than expected, we all chose something a little lighter in price. My husband noticed that they have special days, like Pasta Tuesdays, but after seeing the portion sizes, we may as well go to Boston Pizza. There was enough food for dinner mind you, but for the money, it’s nice to get the left over for lunch the next day. The boys enjoyed their pasta though, and said that the flavouring of it and that they’d have it again. My burger was good, it was quite large and I couldn’t finish it all. The fries came with a delicious mayo pesto and were nice and crispy. Hubby’s caesar salad was average, but he found his wrap dry because the mayo was put in it on one side, and the chicken on the other.

Hubby got dessert and it was quite lovely, they had some great ideas for desserts and fairly good prices for desserts.

All told, we loved the atmosphere and the service, but the food left much to be desired and the pricing was a bit high for our tastes.

Rating this restaurant out of five we averaged a 2.75.

All told I’d go back for a desset and tea, but I wouldn’t likely go back for dinner.


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