Circle Skirt – first FO of 2012

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Whoot! I love it when a progect is simple and comes together quickly. On Monday I posted about this skirt that was grabbed off my friend’s shelf.

It was beautiful, I loved the fabric, the hard part was done! It was a gorgeous circle skirt, hemmed and everything, all it needed was a waistband.

Problem was, the little circle for the waist was a bit too small for me, so… I cut it a bit bigger… maybe a little too big, but, the great thing about circle skirts is you can just gather them.

There had been a bit of extra fabric found near the skirt, so I had just enough to make a nice interfaced, double sided waist band with hooks and eyes.

Taking pictures of myself with the timer is difficult… but I still think they turn out better than when hubby takes them… I need to get him lessons.

Anyway, this is not a favourite skirt of Hubby’s, it’s just not his style. I got endless amounts of compliments though, and I enjoyed wearing it, and that’s the main thing. I kept catching my reflection in glass or by the elevator at work, and having the song “I feel pretty” pop into my head.

Thanks again to J for letting me rummage and find this! I know that this is going to be a frequent wear (though maybe not with this shirt… I don’t normally wear a lot of pink, so it’s actually a pajama top… no one knew.)


Why Facebook and Crafty Friends are Awesome!

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Today I have a bunch of work yet to do, it is 2:45 and I must empty out our spare room and work on continuing laundry, but before I do that I must explain why Facebook and Crafty Friends are awesome.

This morning, I got up, watched another episode for Gertie’s Bombshell Dress and realized I was itching to sew. I looked through the fabrics that I had on hand and realized that everything that I have is for costumes, and therefore, isn’t really worthy of clothing. It’s basically a lot of Fake Fur and Lycra. So I hopped onto Facebook and lamented my fate, before continuing to read back posts of Gertie’s blog and push more loads of laundry through.

At about 12:40 the phone rang. I figured it was a telemarketer, but picked up anyway. It was one of my knitting friends, J, who has read Facebook, seen my blog and that I was sewing again, and noticed that I was fabricless. She had previously offered me some leather that she had, and was wondering if I wanted to come look at her stash and see if there was any other fabric that I could use.

I was jumping up and down excited, and got ready rather quickly. I took one bag, not wanting to be presumptuous, and excitedly headed over to her house. When I entered, her husband said “did you bring a truck, because that bag won’t get nearly enough out…” So suffice it to say, there was plenty to choose from.

After showing me to her Quilting room, which had a full quilting machine in it!!! We started going through her fabrics. She had so many pretties to choose from! I knew I had to set some rules, especially when she took me down to see her patterns and told me to pick through and feel free to borrow any of them. So the rules were as follows:

1. I was only allowed to take a pattern if it was something I would sew within the next few months, or something I already had fabric for.
2. I was only allowed to take fabric if I had a pattern for it at home, or had just chosen a pattern that would need to be sewn in the next few months.
3. I was not allowed to grab anything just because it was “pretty” nor was I allowed to take anything because “someday” I might find something to do with it.
4. I was not allowed to take more than my bag could hold, period, no exceptions.

So, with those rules in place, here is what I ended up brining home:

The first thing we found as we were digging through was this beautiful circle skirt that is just in need of a waist band. So that will be project number one tonight probably so that I can see about wearing it tomorrow. The waist may¬† need to be a bit bigger, but the great thing about circle skirts is that it can be accomplished by making the centre circle a little wider. I love the fabric, and the hem is already completed, so it’s a perfect skirt to finish and add to my wardrobe.

Next, as I was looking through her patterns, I found this lovely dress, that is supposed to be made in a 2 way stretch. About 4 years ago, Hubby bought me this beautiful blue fabric, that blends from a light blue in the middle, to a navy blue on the edges. He bought it under the stipulation that it needed to be made into something for me that I could wear. I had not yet found the pattern to make it and had been designing costumes with this in mind but nothing seemed to work. When I saw this pattern I knew exactly what fabric I was going to use it with. I’m hoping to have this done for the first week of March when we go to Cuba. I’m thinking of making View A which doesn’t use any scrunching or ties on the waist band, but I may ask Hubby his opinion on which version he likes best, but I think A is simple and sleek and that he’ll vote for that one too.

These fabrics were found in two different areas of J’s house. The plaid I thought was very nice for a casual shirt, just something to wear in summer, maybe throw a bolero or cardigan over and it would be wearable to work on casual Friday or in the Summer when things are a little more relaxed. The white fabric was found in a drawer with the selvages serged, J said she thought that it was used for a head covering for Mary in a nativity play at her church. I thought it would be a lovely short sleeved blouse. After we’d found these two fabrics, we were searching for a pattern to work with the white fabric, and I think that view B with the short sleeves would be good for the white, and the view A sleeveless version would be good in the plaid, then I could wear the plaid over or under another shirt however it fit.

I love well tailored outfits, there’s just something about them that really hits me. As simple as plain straight lines are to sew, there’s just something about shaping, darts, and tucks that really seem like class to me. So when I saw this Dress Suit and Skirt, I knew I had to give them a go. We weren’t able to find enough fabric to make the full Dress Suit, but with a bit of planning and improvisation, I should have enough of the black pin-stripe denim to make the skirt and the jacket, which with my white blouse would probably be really stunning. The brown and beige fabric will be used for the dress, which won’t be worn with the jacket, from the looks of it, I may just have enough of the floral fabric to make a matching bolero, with some brown trim, I think it would be really cute, and I have the perfect brown suede shoes to wear with it. This dress is another possible outfit for Cuba, the fabric is light enough, and it’s dressy enough that I could wear it out, or casual enough just for during the day.

And now to the leather:

One of the big reasons this all started is because I make costumes and J has a MASSIVE TONNE of leather, seriously, she has a full box! Anyway, one of the things that happens with costume making is you have to have a number of plans. Plan A right now for the next costume I’m making is the Bombshell dress from Gertie’s course. It’s got the right seams, the right shape, and would only need a little bit of altering. However, Plan B is the red corset in the left corner. It’s got the right seams for the bodice part of the dress, and it’s got the structure that I could build the rest of the costume off of it. However it requires leather. So I grabbed enough to make the corset, in a nice enough colour so that if Plan A works, I’ll still have a nice corset that I can wear under a shirt that’s a little sheer, or over a blouse to go out somewhere or something. Plus, I don’t know if you noticed, but I really like that blue.

After all this fabric high, J was going to show me a shawl she just finished knitting, and as she was looking for it, her husband mentioned that the kettle had boiled, and I was offered some tea.

Not just a cup:

But a selection to take home. Which is perfect, because my tea drawer at work was getting pretty low. After J had shown me her shawl, I mentioned that I needed to head to our local knitting store to get some mens sock yarn for more Grandpa socks… well down to the basement we headed again and I added these to my bag:

So that’s 4 more pairs of socks for Grandpa, which I’m hoping to knit like the wind on my bus rides to and from work, and in Cuba, so that he has 4 pairs of new socks when he gets home from Florida in April.

I’ve got a bunch of work ahead of me, and the first step is emptying my sewing room, which is what I’m going to do right now! Once all that’s out, we can start rearranging the house and getting things set up finally.

You don’t realize how messed up everything gets when you have renters until they move back and you try to set everything up again.



Christmas Knitting Round-up

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Whee Christmas is over!! I got most of my knitting done, the only things left on the needles is one half sock for my Grandpa, and about three quarters of a scarf for my FIL.

All told, I think that makes this Christmas a successful one.

On the finished side, we have:


Pattern: Generic sock pattern, see Yarn Harlot’s Knitting Rules, random stripes added

Yarn: Paton’s Kroy in Black and orange varigated (colour 54567)

Needles: DPN 2.25 mm

Started: December 10, 2007

Finished: December 18, 2007

Thoughts: This was the last minute socks that were requested of me from my Step-mom (she of the amazing knitting bag which apparently came from Regal online). In an email I was hinted at that a black pair of socks with stripes that weren’t too bright in a size 5 would be perfect.

So I broke out my sock stash and whipped these up. She really loved them and wore them for the next 3 days that I saw her. She lives in British Columbia so while she might not have the extreme cold of Ontario, she does have the extreme dampness.

These were top priority for me because she is the main family member who encourages my knitting habit (even more so than my Gramma). I knew she would absolutely love them and would wear and take care of them. She is definitely going to get more of these in the future.

Next up:


Pattern: Arrrrgh-yles from Moth Heaven

Yarn: Paton’s Kroy in White and Black, Lily Chin Chelsea in Green, and Dalegarn Baby Ull in Orange

Needles: DPNs 2.25 mm

Started: August 25, 2007

Finished: December 6, 2007

Thoughts: These were made for a friend of C’s in Singapore. They play the online game Puzzle Pirates and when I found these socks I showed it to C who showed it to his friend who asked for a pair. She’s going to be heading out to BC next fall to go to school so again, see damp wet winter which wool socks are perfect for.

I really enjoyed this pattern, it was another attempt at intarsia and fairisle, this was better than some of my previous attempts. I had fewer holes to sew up, and I was really happy with my back seam on the socks, you can see it in the sock on the right in the picture. I’m really bad at finishing so I was proud that I buckled down and did it right. I also conquered Kitchener Stitch in these socks and then re-conquered it in the stripey socks… I might not have such a war with it from now on.

Can you tell this was a year of socks? :


Pattern: Generic kid sock with short row heel and normal toe

Yarn: Lang Yarns Jawoll Cotton Jacquard

Needles: 2.25 DPNs

Started: December 5, 2007

Finished: December 10, 2007

Thoughts:This is one of two pairs of identical socks for the granddaughters of family friends. This was a bit of a struggle because I was just given the age of the girls and the approximate size of their feet. So I went and grabbed a chart of foot sizes and the corresponding stitch amounts, and away I went.

Luckily both pairs of socks fit, and I was quite proud that I managed to match up both pairs.

Hopefully the girls won’t fight over who’s socks are who’s.

Last but not least, a baby blanket that wasn’t actually a Christmas Present:


Pattern: Snowdrop Shawl by Yarn Harlot

Yarn: Some mystery yarn that I inherited.

Needles: 5.5 mm Straights

Started: November 28, 2007

Finished: December 22, 2007

Thoughts: This was a really fun lace project. It was my first time adding an actual edging to a shawl. I was really pleased by how it ended up.

Due to the different yarn and the fact that I had absolutely no info on what this yarn is, I did fewer repeats for the bulk of the shawl because I was worried I wouldn’t have enough for the edging. In the end I had over half a ball left so I can make baby hats or whatever from it.

This poor baby girl is the first girl in the family for 13 years, she’s got way too much pink already, I need to make her something yellow or such.

So that’s my Christmas knitting. Now to get back to the unfinished boring socks for my Granpa. I got a really cool present as well that I will talk about next time.. It ties in with the end of my BC trip.

Till next time.

Off Topic

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Ok, so here’s the scoop. I have the post about seeing the show and the FO pretty well written… except that when I got the pictures I realized that I forgot to take the picture of the FO!

So while I wait for my friend who now owns the FO to take pics, I figured I would tell you about one of the best knitting birthday gifts that I got.

On October 12 it was my birthday, and while most of my family gives me boring normal items, my step mother gets me knitting stuff. (my gramma is pretty good at getting knitting stuff too, but most of my family don’t).

I usually get a bunch of knitting books from my Step mom (and my Dad by rote), and maybe some yarn, or something like that.

This birthday, they totally scored.

This is a wicked cool knitting bag! This thing is huge, and can either be used for a number of projects, or for very detailed fairisle. See the plastic stuff at the front? Those are 6 sections that will hold 1 ball of yarn each, then the little dots at the top are holes to allow the yarn to go through without tangling!

See those rectangles by the holes? That’s velcro to hold onto the yarn when you’re not using it. There’s also a section up at the top, seen here, for needles, pins, small notions and do-hickies.

On either side is a good sized, zippered pocket. Perfect for small patterns, or folded print outs. Bigger notions, or even a quick grab extra ball of yarn.

The best part tho is the fact that, this bag looks mostly empty… it’s sagging, it’s unhappy… and yet…

There are 12 balls of Phentex Mohair Mist filling the bag up. This bag can hold a TON of yarn! When I got it, it had 2 jumbo balls of acrylic baby yarn, these 12 balls of mohair, a bunch of crochet cotton, and another 10 balls or so of yarn that they found at a garage sale.

This bag is huge! And it’s wonderful for holding travel projects and the like.

I’ll have to ask her where she got it because it totally rocks.

Till next time.. hopefully with that FO

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