So far so good… sort of

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Wow this output thing is harder than I thought, it’s so easy to be destracted by pretties like tumblr or youtube.

So I finished a blog post for my work website (all employees are encouraged to contribute to the blog, and apparently the main writer is getting strapped for ideas so I need to see what I can come up with). That post will be on the website this week so yay! Work blog posts take more time to write than something like this because I have research to do and I have to be very careful about how I write them.

The difference between a personal blog and a professional one. However it is a good stretch of the writing muscles and branching out is always a good idea.

I’m still working on a small… well maybe big, blog project, but it’s fairly personal… it’s a project with the Bible. I’m going through the Psalms and finding quotes that can be used as affirmations. I have very poor interal talk, and it was suggested to me that I find something else to tell myself.

If I can’t say that I love me, or that I’m good… at least I can point to the Bible and say God loves me and he thinks that I’m good.

I’ve managed to get to Psalm 33 so far, and after I finish this post I’m moving on the Psalm 34. It’s just tough to keep going at it when there are other, more interesting things to look at.

I did get a fuzzy scarf partly done, though I think I might need to rip it out because once again I made it too wide (I think). I really had fun on Saturday going to knitting, and I also worked a bit more on my dress.

Tonight I’m heading out to practice driving with my instructor before heading to my test for my G license next Tuesday (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!). Driving is not my favourite thing to do.

After that I’m going to see about working on my bags some more… I found some brown and blue broadcloth, and totally just remember that I forgot to contact Joanne about her broadcloth, DRAT! K, have to email her after I’m done this, before writing my psalm post.

Anywhoo, that’s my update so far… I’m doing pretty good getting started on my theme this year I think. I just need to kind of figure out a focus…


On making more output as opposed to previous years

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So I tend to have themes to my years… I don’t really make resolutions. I learned very early on that resolutions were made to be broken. So I decided that I would not make them because there really was no point.

I make plans, and they can be made at any time throughout the year, but usually my main ones are made at the beginning of the year. Two years ago my plan was to not read so many romance novels, which I succeeded at, I still would reach for them once in a while when I wanted to read in the tub or just let my brain relax. Last year my plan was to do things that scared the crap out of me, during which I swam in the ocean, snorkeled (which is different than just swimming), lay on a net on a Katamaran, stood up in a jeep while on a nature tour (while it was moving), went on a roller coaster, and was in the vicinity of a spider, didn’t kill it, and in fact saved it and released it… which is probably the biggest thing for me.

So for two years I succeeded in my plans, though I still have some things to do that terrify me, like going up the CN Tower, going on an upside down roller coaster, and um… get my G license (Which is happening by the end of the month which is REALLY FREAKING SCARY!)

So this year my theme/plan that I’ve decided on is Output, which really confuses some people when I say it.

Not reading romance, and doing things that scare me makes sense, but output?

When I make these plans I tend to look at my last few years and try to find something that’s been missing or holding me back. Looking at what I’ve done over the last few years, I noticed that I’ve been taking a lot in recently. Watching videos on youtube (some educational, some not so much), reading books (same as videos), listening to music, looking at art, pictures… you get the idea.

All of these things are input. With this I get ideas, things that roll around in my head, things that seem really really good… however, I never do anything with them.

Sometimes it’s because I’ve been so busy taking stuff in that I haven’t had time to do anything. Sometimes it’s because I’ve written lists about my ideas, saved it to my harddrive for later and promptly forgotten about it. Other times (most times) it’s because I’ll get to the point where I’m about to do something with these ideas and get so caught up with the “what if” or the magnitude of what if I succeed or fail?

And I freeze.

In all honesty, succeeding is much more frightening than failing…. failing I’ve done, and I’ve done in abundance. I can handle failing, but when I get a good idea and I think about where I’m going with it and I go down the path to success, I just… can’t…. do… it.

So, in a way this is another thing that I need to do in my continued plan of doing things that scare me. Just, do, STUFF!

Output can be a bunch of stuff. Writing on any of my blogs (some of which I’ll link here, some I won’t… hee I have hidden blogs that probably no one will know I write… and I want to keep it that way *shifty eyes*), sewing, knitting, drawing (which I suck at but you know… I might do once in a while), videos, and really anything that is from me and out into the world.


That’s what this year is about… what are your plans for the year (since resolutions are just a copout for failure).

My Problem with Blogging

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So if anyone still reading through my poor, ignore blog has noticed, I’m a horrible blogger. I’ll go in fits and spurts for when I’m posting, usually related to my mental state.

When I’m feeling creative, motivated and all that good stuff I post like a fiend, but then I get to a point where I feel that anything I do is crap, no one wants to read what I do … and I curl up in a corner and poke at my blog to see if it bites.

In the last while I’ve made a few other blogs that are more topic specific that I’ve been posting to. I’ve found that I’m a bit better when I’ve got a purpose to a blog (which this one doesn’t really have).

This is one of the reasons I love WordPress, I have about 10 various blogs that are all connected to one account that I can go to and monitor.

For the last while those blogs have been very quiet… basically silent, but I’m hoping to revive them a bit more in the next year and write whatever I’m thinking about.

However, that’s great for the topic specific blogs, but what does that mean for this one?

Well I don’t know. This one is so much of me in various stages of my life, and now that I’m 30 and starting 2013 we’ll see what I do with this. Whether I just link to posts on other blogs so people who know me can follow them, or if I put random stuff on here so that people know what’s up we’ll have to see.

In other news I’m hoping to get together with my lovely knit and chat soon, and seeing as I’ve buggered my knee I should have more time so I might just make this a life blog and post about that.

2013 has lots of options. We’ll see what it brings.

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