Where did this week go?

February 3, 2012 at 9:14 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Whew it’s been busy at work. This week just flew by and here I am at another weekend.

I’m starting to get a bit stressed about my costume, I have a muslin to make, a trial dress (one that I’m hoping to wear in Cuba March 1-9), and then the final dress (though I have 2 different fabrics, a woven purple sparkly, and a stretch velvet).

I haven’t even cut out my muslin yet because I need to get some tracing paper. With luck we’ll get that tomorrow so that I can work hard on Sunday and get it cut out, and hopefully get the thread tracing done. I’m pretty sure already that the bodice isn’t going to fit well. I’m hoping I can figure out how to do the fitting with having to wear it myself. I need to get me/make me a mannequin.

One thing that I’m having fun watching right now is Sew Weekly. I knew when I found this website that it was NOT something I could do right now. I tend to get myself in over my head. This year I’m taking the time to work on my skills, learn, grow, make good clothes for once. Maybe in a few years I can see about joining everyone with this.

For now, I’ll sit back, watch, enjoy the inspiration of seeing what everyone’s making. My favourite part of it though is the “Make this Look” section. I’m amazed at how many awesome outfits can be copied and made. The fabrics that are found! I’m in awe!

So many drool worthy projects!

Right now, I’m not sewing anything because I want to focus on my bombshell dress. I’m ordering my boning over the weekend, and hopefully it’ll be enough for 2 dresses. I get so stressed out about this stuff, but right now I have good reason.

When we went and got the fabric in Toronto, I didn’t have my measurements and supply list with me so I just tried remembering how much fabric I needed. I figured since a full unitard only takes 1.5 yards of fabric, then a dress couldn’t take much more than that, so we went and got 2 yards of each of the fabrics we got.

Then I checked the bombshell dress course, and it said 3 yards of fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now I’m hoping and praying I can finnagle enough of the pattern pieces to get them all to fit.


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