Hey Look, I made something!

December 18, 2011 at 2:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Ok so wow… yeah… this blogging thing really isn`t my strong point, but I do like having a place to show my stuff.

Like this:

Please excuse my horrible posing, I`m really not good at this stuff. Plus taking a picture with the timer on your camera and trying to pose properly is difficult.

Anyway, the skirt is one that I started making for a Halloween costume, but didn`t finish the costume in time. The whole point of this was to allow me to not only have a costume, but also to have 2 pieces of wearable clothes. (The second being a top that currently needs sleeves and a bottom hem… maybe I can get that done today..) The top and skirt are made from the same fabric so I will never wear them together as then I would look like I was wearing a costume, but separately I think they`re cute.

This skirt is made with New Look Pattern 6190 view C, in a cotton-poly blend. I`m a little surprised at how straight it is because from the picture it looked like it would be more flowy, but that could be from the weight of the fabric.

I think I might need a slip with this though, at least if I`m wearing it with leggings like this, because it seems to like to catch a bit.

Since this is the first piece of clothing that I`ve actually wanted to really wear and look nice, it was a bit harder for me. I usually make costumes so I tend to take shortcuts while I`m sewing, then wonder why the piece didn`t turn out how I wanted it to.  A lot of the things I have issues with on this skirt (the zipper cover is a bit puckered, the waist facing could have been done a bit nicer) are basically all from inexperience. So now my challenge is to finish my shirt and start planning my next piece of clothing. I have some nice printed lycra that I might use to make a top… I`ll have to look through my patterns and see what I have.

Plus I have my big costume that I`m planning on making this year… in the process, I`ve found a beautiful dress tutorial on Craftsy that looks like it`ll work perfect! And then I`ll have the skills to make a dress I`ve been drooling over for years… just need to find the right fabric now.


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