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I’ve had an issue with Remembrance Day for a while, since I was in high school and watched a couple of boys put poppies over their genitals and wander around.

It seems a lot of young people just don’t get it! Maybe it’s because they haven’t lived in a world with war affecting them personally, or maybe it’s because it’s just not talked about at home.

In my family, we still talk about it. My great grandfather on my mother’s side lost his leg in World War 1, my grandfather on my father’s side was in the Navy in World War 2, but only for the very end of it, and never saw battle. My grandfather on my mother’s side was in the Air Force for 50 years, but missed the two big wars, and pretty much all of the little ones.

Still, Remembrance Day is significant in my life. It’s a time to remember those who we may never have met but have protected us and others around the world, in past, present and future.

Where I am Remembrance Day is not a stat holiday, and as much as some people might like it to be, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I know that I would go to the Cenetaph and watch the ceremony, and make it significant for my kids, but I know a lot of people would just bag off.

I think what should be done is that if you want to take the time and go to the ceremony, you get the morning off to do so, but have to bring in the pamphlet handed out or something showing that you were there. I think if you want to remember, and want to go thank those who have done SO much for you, you should have the opportunity without repricussion.

But I don’t think it should be a free day.


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