Am I Insane?

November 9, 2011 at 10:07 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I had my physical a couple of weeks ago, and while there my doctor had “the weight talk” with me *SOB*.

I had known my weight was creeping up, but I’m fortunate in the fact that I put weight on proportionately, so it’s not like my stomach bulges or my butt gets huge. I still have my curves, they’re just a bit bigger than they were before.

Well, they’re too big for my doctor. So I’ve been watching what I eat. This is not a diet though. If I learned anything about my time moving up to my wedding, it’s that diets don’t work, because diets have an end date. Once that date approaches, you can go back to eating as badly as you used to.

So I’m having a lifestyle change, and I’m really trying to stick with it. Eating more chicken, eating more fruits and veggies, but most of all: Exercizing!

Blech, I’m not an exercizer, but I know I need to. I’ve started going to the gym at work regularly (I’m trying for daily), and there’s another person at work who goes to. Yesterday when I got there, she was doing a video and as I hopped onto the elliptical, I realized it was P90X.

Now I’ve heard a lot about this program, and apparently the gym has all the DVDs (I was interested in the nutritional side of it anyway), so I’m going to see about doing the P90X system for exercize. I’ve found something that lists how the 3 different challenge levels go and I think I’m going to do Lean. I want to burn calories and lose weight, after I’ve done this cycle if I feel up to it I might try the regular challenge.

I’ve also found material that shows me how to do the Fit Test and the worksheets to track how I do with the videos. I like to write stuff down, so this works for me because it helps me to see the small improvements.

However, I do wonder if I’m a little insane.


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