Restarting with a new direction

October 5, 2011 at 9:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Sometimes you need a new beginning, and that’s what I’m intending here. I had this blog for a number of years to showcase my knitting and talk about my costumes. It’s now been pretty much dead for over a year. As much as I loved this blog, I just didn’t love writing about my knitting so much any more as I was really just making socks for my grandfather, and I could see a whole lot of “Look another pair of grandpa socks” posts coming. So I let this linger and stagnate.

I was challenged yesterday to start a blog about my life, about my faith, about… just anything. I started a new job and one of my new coworkers shared her blog with me and suggested I give it a try.

I thought about starting a new blog (I’m so very good at starting blogs) but when trying to figure out what to call it I realized that I already had the perfect blog for my life.

Odds and Sods

That pretty much describes me and what I do. I’m a bundle of diversity, I’m practically ADD with what I enjoy doing, and I’m taking some pretty big steps forward into who I want to be.

Plus… I’m just Odd.

So if you’re a new reader to this blog welcome, and if you’re an old reader to this blog welcome back.

I’m leaving all my old posts here because… well… I spent 5 months consolidating 3 blogs into this one and I’m not doing that again! Just let this be a note. Everything prior to this post was written with one intention, mainly, to try and get readers and become a famous blogger like Yarn Harlot or Wendyknits. Little did I realize you have to actually post, on a regular basis, and have some talent with it.

From here on out, the blog is going to be very different. This is my blog, about my life, and I’m not going to sugar coat things, sorry. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ, and that’s going to enter into this now. I’m from an abusive household, and I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and starting next week I’m joining a group at my church to help me heal from that, so you’ll probably see things about that as well. I’m also a complete and total nutcase goofball who is off the wall stupid sometimes.

You’ll probably see lots of that.

Again I welcome you, and if there is a post that isn’t to your interest, feel free to skip it. I’m sure one that’s more to your liking will come by shortly, I never stay on one topic long.


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