New Year Knitting Plans

January 6, 2011 at 8:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Hey all, so, I know I haven’t been posting here really but as I said in a previous post, I am vlogging, so if you want to see what’s up in my life you can head on over to and search for “Saffity” or “Dailysaff” or “Jelliclesvlog” and see the videos that I put there.

Saffity is my main channel but it’s where I’m going to try and do more creative stuff where I work on my editing or plan out my rant or whatever. (This is where my videos about the wedding and honeymoon will be going once I get them finished… they take soooo long to edit!!)

Dailysaff is just that, it’s a daily video journal (though I don’t upload every day because my life is boring right now so I only upload when I have enough to make a somewhat interesting vlog)

Jelliclesvlog is a collaborative channel where some friends and I are working together to make videos and just chatter to each other. We each take a day and make videos on a theme, so I’m Thursday, and this last week was introductions and next week will be our adventures in costuming.

Now, the actual point of this post is because I’ve decided that this year I want to knit the following, without buying a single yard of yarn:

12 pairs of socks (From various patterns, yarns and such that I have already)
1 pair of gloves (this is a pattern I’m working on, smoking gloves for my roommate)
1 scarf (something nice and lacy, only one, scarves are my bane)
1 shawl (also lacy… maybe with beads if I can figure out how to work them into the kiri shawl)
2 hats (I have to use up the left over wool from the Dr Who scarf.. this is probably an easy way)
1 sweater (again, using up yarn and probably finally going to make a February Lady)
1 Moebius (I’ve been terrified of making this, so I’m going to bite the bullet and just do it)
50 squares on my mitred blanket (just so that I can keep momentum going, I would like to eventually enter this in the Rockton fair… but I have to get it finished first)

So we’ll see how well this goes. I’ve been trolling ravelry and checking stuff out. As far as socks go, I have a bunch of Socks That Rock, very colourful, but not something that shows a pattern off very well. If you guys have favourite patterns for STR please let me know, I’m probably going to make one or two pairs of plain old stocking stitch socks, but I’d like some variety.

whee! I love the new year.


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