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So I don’t have pictures for you today, sorry… but I do have some hours to log on my costume making 10kh.

I’ve been a bit lax, just playing around getting into costume, doing some makeups… oh wait! I do have some pictures for you! I can show you all the makeups I’ve done recently (while not so much for the costume making department, it is necessary to get the final look).


This is my roommate who one day decided she wanted a “Pink Kiss Star” painted on her. I thought it turned out rather nicely. It took me about 5 minutes to do. We also goofed around with costumes on Canada Day and I played around with makeup a few times:

The flash bled this one out so you can’t see all the details, but it’s based off of a cat, and I goofed around with it. This took me a good 45 minutes once all the layers (about 5) and details were put on.

And a couple more cats, can you tell I have a passion?? My makeup (top) took about.. 25 minutes, my roomie’s makeup took about 35-40.

Then on Saturday I continued working on a cape that was commissioned of me (the Dark Elf Assassin), and I worked about 45 minutes on that. I’ll get some pictures this week when the boys come to try things on. I also worked about half an hour on the Jiraiya jacket, it’s almost at the point of being wearable, then I have to hem the sleeves to the proper lenth and attach the neckline.

So I’m now getting some work done on these costumes, and I’ve had my list shortened, I don’t have to make Batman any more, and there’s a good chance I won’t need to make Poison Ivy, so I’m down to 5 costumes by August 27th and I may just be able to make it if I keep focused!


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