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I have something to show you… no, not wedding pictures, I’m sorry.

It’s pretty cool though. About a month ago, my co-worker (the one who’s blog I pimped) told me that she had a  “Black and White Backgammon Night” that she was going to and she wanted to take it to the next level. She requested that I bring in some makeup to put on her to give her a black and white face to go along with the black and white outfit she was going to wear.

I hadn’t done makeup on my face (stage makeup that is) in a VERY long time, much less on someone else’s face, so I was a little nervous, but decided to just go with it. This wasn’t a very involved makeup, but it was a test to see if I still had the steady hand and all that I used to.

On top of doing costumes throughout my 10,000 hours project, I’ll probably be doing some practice with different makeups. I want to branch out beyond Cats makeup and do something different and fun. Maybe some Cirque du Soleil… some Avatar… who knows. We’ll see what inspires me.

But for now, the black and white:

A work in progress, my co-worker wanted an action shot

Halfway done.

The Masterpiece!

Of course looking at the pictures I see lots of places that I’d like to fix, but this was done in 5 minutes at the end of the day at work. I rode on the bus with her to her home so that she didn’t feel embarrassed. I think it turned out ok considering I had no time to really prepare and think about what I was going to do. Next time though, I’ll try to get better coverage with the black.


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