The Sock Question

June 11, 2010 at 4:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I was thinking today and I realized, I don’t think I ever mentioned the outcome of the crazy socks…

Well… thanks to the number of guests dropping from 160 down to 110 (and less since some people cancelled on the DAY OF the wedding…) I was able to not only finish the socks, but to finish them and get them sent to mother who put them together with the napkin holders a whole 6 days before the wedding!!

So, all told that was a success… and thanks to the disposable cameras we put on the tables we have a million and one pictures of our guests goofing around with sockies on their fingers.

I definitely have to scan those and show them because they are too funny!

So yes, 110 socks… knit in 2 months, all by my hands…

Which is why I’m going to be sewing all summer and ignoring the sea silk that keeps calling my name.

My poor wrists and fingers need a break.


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  1. It was a lovely wedding! And I happen to know someone at my table who got a mini-sock knit from (my) hand-dyed sock yarn that I contributed for your sock blanket. Very cool! (I don’t think we played with socks on our fingers at our table though. Heh.)

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