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Ok, I know I haven’t posted about the wedding or the honeymoon (I have a laptop for travel now, I’ll be better next time!!), but I truly am waiting for pictures. I have some, but there are the professional ones to come and I really think I will be able to post more about the wedding when I have the pictures to go “oh yeah” and write about it.

However.. I will state that even though Chris decided that instead of just blowing out the family candle he would blow out the Unity candle too, we are still married…

I do have some drafts written up over on our Trip blog, but they aren’t posted yet because I want to go through my pictures and make the posts all pretty, but fear not, the story of it all will come.

Now onto the real subject of this post. You might be curious why it says 10,000 hours… that’s a really long time… that’s 417 days, 59 weeks, so 1 year and 7 weeks… from start to finish!!! This amount of time is what has been stated as the amount of time it takes to become a master at anything.

Knitting, cooking, karate, physics, whatever.

This was brought to my attention by the lovely Miss Violet (because there’s no way I’d think up something this cool), she has started a 10Kh mission, and now that I’ve got the wedding out of the way I have decided to try to do something along these lines.

Now knitting is a hobby that I enjoy, something I do regularly and isn’t a chore to me. A number of years ago it was that way with costuming. I enjoyed it and I did it in my spare time any chance I got. I was always thinking up costumes, figuring out new ways to make things (especially since video game and cartoon costumes don’t follow the laws of physics). Then I was reintroduced to knitting and it took over all the time I used to costume. I still have a pretty large fabric stash, but the yarn stash quickly outgrew it.

There are costumes and fabric for costumes that I was going to make back in 2004 and never got around to, I went through some of the piles of fabric (that got shoved back into storage when we had roommates move in) and I kind of caught the bug again.

Not in so much as I have to costume every minute of the day, but in the fact that, I was getting pretty good at it, and at one point I wanted to make this a career. I put a lot of hours on the costumes when I first started, but by the end of it I was an angry mass of frustration because the costumes weren’t where I wanted them to be.

Looking back I realized that a lot of this was my fault. Going through the pictures of my costumes, it looks like I lost talent over time, but that wasn’t the problem. I was still capable at sewing, still able to conceptualize what I wanted to do. I got impatient. I saw people around me who had a whole ton of costumes and they were amazing and I wanted to be able to go to a convention or gathering and change into a different costume every hour like they did.

So I started grabbing cheap fabric and rushing my costumes. Sure I could bang out a costume in 2 hours, but it looked like crap.

So, I’m taking myself to the beginning. I have a convention at the end of August (August 27-29 to be exact) that I would like to go to. I have 2 costumes to make for a couple of boys on my street (well, by boys I mean one is 15 the other is 17 and they will be attending the convention too).

These two costumes MUST be done in time because the boys have paid me and they have their hopes up.

So I have this lovely number to make for the 15 year old, who I will call J:

This is a Dark Elf Assassin. J makes props and he has the claws made beautifully (I pine with envy as I am not a very successful prop maker). We don’t have the purple however, his costume will be all black (because when you’re an assassin, you don’t wear frilly purple, you must hide in the shadows.)

I have the cape and cowl made, I need to attach the hood. The tunic is just going to be a strip of fabric folded over with a hole cut for his head (we got fabric that will not fray) and then some boot covers for the boots and black shirt and pants. I’m hoping this one turns out nice and that you can see all the layers even though it’s black on black.

For the 17 year old who I will dub C (hmm maybe using their initals isn’t good.. it’s the same as Chris and me… could get confusing… oh well):

This is Jiraiya from the anime “Naruto”. I have all the fabric cut out for this (I believe) and as far as I know I’m only doing the costume portion, I don’t have to worry about the wig. Because I started the other costume first, this one is still sitting as pieces of fabric, but that’s ok.

These are both fairly straight forward costumes to make, but they will take time and dedication to make them well.

So after I get the “Must” costumes done. I have 4 costumes that I’d like to get done for this convention. Well technically 3 because the one is such an easy costume it’s really nothing. I have the fabric for one, and the other 3 will be interesting:

For Me: Harley Quinn from Batman the Animated Series (Have the fabric for this one, simple unitard with a few extra features. If I put my mind to it I should be able to get this one mostly done in a weekend though the boots might need a bit of putzing with)

For my female roommate: Poison Ivy from Batman the Animated Series (Need to get everything for this, but it’s simple, green bodysuit, green gloves, green boot covers, green tights… really just a matter of getting stuff and dying it. Don’t need a wig because she’s a natural red head).

For my male Roommate: Batman from the original Adam West version… since Adam West will be at the convention (Need everything for this, but again, unitard, short shorts, cape, hood, boots, belt, gloves… I don’t think it’ll be TOO hard) AND Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog (This is the costume I’m not counting because I really just need to get a black t-shirt, a patch and some black pirate gloves… this is probably going to be traded between W -the roommate and Chris because when W is in Batman, Chris can be Captain Hammer. ) This is another “we’re making it because someone’s there” Felicia Day will be at the convention and we must geek out. I’d totally make a Dr. Horrible costume if I thought I had time.


 So that’s what I want to work on over the summer. Not sure if I’ll really be able to do it but I’m hoping. After I get these done (and take the time to do them WELL) then I’ll be looking through my fabric again and see what I have, what I need to upgrade and what’s partially finished.

I may even remember to log how many hours I’m putting towards this.

See, knitting is a hobby, but my seamstressing skills I would love to be a master at. I want to make my own clothing as well as costumes.

That’s what my 10,000 hours is going to be for.



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  1. What an AWESOME IDEA.

    😀 😀

    Can I add you to the sidebar?

    • Of course you can! Thanks!

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