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So, I’m going to let you in on something, my dirty little secret that I don’t really admit to many people.

I’m kind of a fashion nut.

I know most of you are thinking “so what”, but hear me out. If you see me on a regular day, walking down the street, I’ll likely be in jeans and a t-shirt, with my hair either hanging down, or pulled back in a pony tail.

At work, I have about 6 different pairs of dress pants, a couple of skirts and 20 ish shirts (if you count year round tops) that I wear in rotation (which means I do come down to a number of days where I’m sniffing my clothing if I haven’t done laundry in a week.)

Basically, my normal everyday style is lazy. On average my accessories are my engagement ring, my 2 pairs of gold earrings that I never take out, and my badge that lets me get into my building at work.


However, I do on occassion dress up. I used to be into a very punk style, I’d wear fishnet stockings that I’d made into tops under black school boy vests, pants with vertical rips in them over metallic tights, at least 5 necklaces/collars on a daily basis. I was funky, I was weird, and I loved it… however, did I mention I’m lazy??

I love looking at different fashion blogs (they’re such a guilty pleasure I don’t even have them on my google reader). My current favourites are The Style Rookie, The Uniform Project and Sea of Shoes. I love looking at the outfits, the layers, the styles. Getting ideas… but never wearing them.

My coworker and I spent a week challenging each other to see what we could do with our wardrobes to make them more “Haut couture” and we did pretty good, we both had some really cute outfits and it was exciting coming into work to see what she had worn and get ideas from each other.

Then the laziness crept back in and it was back to a pair of dress pants, a nice shirt and a cardigan.

I don’t have time right now to do much (what with 4 days left before the wedding) but I’d like to take time after I get back to take stock of my wardrobe. To pull it all out, lay it out, take pictures of it and to figure out cool ways to wear it (that are within the limits of my job, because I really don’t think they’d find the humour in me coming in with ripped tops because it was “fashionable”)

I may end up finding that I have more cool clothes than I thought, or even more clothes than I thought period. I’d also like to try and do some stuff with my hair. It’s the longest it’s been in 10 years and I still only have 3 styles for it, down, ponytail, bun. I just have never had any idea of what to do with my hair because my Mom or someone else always styled it if I had anywhere to go.

So adding to the other odds and sods around here you may be seeing some fashion stuff cropping up now and again, feel free to critique and tell me if I look like a fool (because trust me, sometimes I will). And if you feel like joining me in revamping your current wardrobe by mixing and matching differently, I’d love to see it!


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