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I’ll get back to the happy wedding stuff next post, but right now I need to stop and write about the really tough part of my life right now.

To put it bluntly… my Grandma is dying. We’re not even sure if she’ll make it to the wedding.

My Grandfather has been struggling with cancer and surgeries since October, and since my Grandma was taking care of him, she wasn’t really paying attention to her body. By January, her back and her body was hurting so much she could barely walk.

She went to the emergency room 3 times before they found out that her L2 was pretty much gone and she had a spot on her lung that looked incredibly like cancer.

After a couple of weeks in the hospital for pain mangement and lots of tests, they decided to do a biopsy on her lung, which collapsed before they could get a sample. They then did a biopsy on her back, which came back inconclusive for cancer and the start site.

She went home for a while, but they kept adding more and more and more pain medication to her cocktail and it still wasn’t enough to keep her pain free. So she ended back up in the hospital this week.

I went to visit her today, and her doctor came in and I was told that they had sent Grandma’s test results around to different specialists, and as of right now, they don’t think the issue in her back is malignant. Grandma’s lump in her lung has gotten bigger and there’s a second one, so they’re going to try to get a biopsy of it, and they have two plans of attack. She’s having an MRI on Tuesday and the biopsy attempt early next week as well.

Grandma really wants to get home, but she’s there until Tuesday at least. The drugs are really hitting her hard. She sounds like she’s drunk but she can keep a thought for a good bit and she knows who I am. It’s hard though. I had my first break down yesterday and cried for a couple of hours.. it’s not the last of this, it’s really hard.

I just hope she makes it to the wedding…. if she doesn’t I’ve been commanded by my family that I’m not allowed to postpone it. Besides, she’ll be there in spirit if not person.



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  1. Oh hun, I’m sorry to hear your Grandma isn’t doing well. *big hugs* Sending good vibes and hugs to you and your family.

  2. oh dear, my heart and arms go out to you.
    I trust the Lord will hold you tight in His arms, too, and will give you strength.
    You are in my prayers.
    love and hugs

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