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March 25, 2010 at 10:33 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

LOL ok so, there has been a change to the dress situation.

I went to my Grandma’s yesterday (I’ll post about the Grandma situation in another post, let’s just say I’m hoping she can make it to the wedding), and tried on my dresses.

The first Dress (Grandma’s dress) is…. a bit tight….. I’m going to have to get a “spanks” or something for it… that and I need to really work on my abs and hips (they’re a bit big for a tight 50’s dress that’s supposed to be worn with a corset), also there is another issue. The dress, being 60 some odd years old and not having the best care taken of it (it’s been sitting in an attic that has no insulation for the majority of the time) the fabric is not the happiest. While trying it on last night it was discovered that some of the areas that we thought were popped seams, were actually the fabric giving way. So, due to the fact that there is a great possiblity of a CATASTROPHIC SKIRT FALLING OFF MOMENT, I am not wearing this dress down the aisle. I will put it on in the morning, get some pictures taken of it and then take it off… especially since there is no possible way I can safely sit down in this dress.

So, onto plan B

In a random moment of giddyness, my Mom decided to run up to Grandma’s attic and pull out her wedding dress (from 1980 when she married my Dad) and have me try it on for fun, we weren’t planning anything other than playing dress up. However, when it was put on, after I blew all the air out of my lungs to collapse my ribcage enough to get the zipper up (I have a bigger chest than my Mom did… who’d a thunkit) and then got used to taking shallow breaths (the polyester stretched enough for me to breathe), I looked at the dress and really loved it. So, after making sure my Mom was fine with it, I’m now wearing her dress down the aisle (it looks all Victorian with it’s style even though it was 80’s… I have pictures and will put them up, hopefully tonight).

My reception dress is still the one I posted below. I have new pictures of me in it and I’ll put those up too… I still need an undergarment to pull me in a bit so that it sits nice (on top of me doing my whittle my middle stuff to shrink my waist a bit).

So I now have 3 dresses but I think it’s cool that on 1 day I will be wearing 3 generations of wedding dresses, Grandma, Mom, Me.

And by wearing old dresses, it’s the closest thing to a costume wedding I’ll get, but it’ll be fun 🙂



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  1. I’m sorry you won’t get to wear your Grandmother’s dress down the aisle, but I’m glad there was an easy solution! And I like the 3 generations of dresses thing!

  2. Oh definitely, and at least I’ll still get to take some pictures with it, so it’s not a total loss, we’re just not going to get it cleaned or restitched because we don’t want it destroyed. There’s too much meaning to that dress.

    And if something happens to my Mom’s dress it’s not like it has a 50+ year wedding that follows it so it’s not going to be something I’ll get killed over 🙂

  3. ooooh, the adventures continue……..

  4. Three generations of wedding dresses. How cool!

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