A nice weekend

March 15, 2010 at 10:51 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

So over all this last weekend was actually pretty nice.

It was rainy, and I had a migraine on Saturday, and wasn’t happy while cleaning (but who is), but overall the weekend was relaxing.

We went to a registry event at Sears and checked some stuff out, got a couple nice little wine glasses and some chocolates. It was fun to walk around and just check stuff out (we have to put more on our registry… I have a few Bridal showers coming up and I need to give people ideas).

Sunday our room mate decided to join us at church and he actually enjoyed it, we cleaned up (along with a bunch of grumbling from all sides) as we have another room mate moving in on March 29th and we have to get the rooms switched around (fun times!). Then had a nice formal Sunday dinner (though it ran late due to all the cleaning we had to do), but we had steak, and rice, asparagus, and the guys even had wine (I can’t due to an allergy but I had a nice sparkling fruit something or other).

So over all it was a good weekend. I have to tell you all about my insanity, but I’ll get to that later… with pictures!


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  1. hi Jessie…nice to see you writing

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