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January 19, 2010 at 12:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Yes, I know… I’ve already ‘failed’ at getting 3 posts per week, but give me a break, last week was rough.

So to make up for it, this week will have a number of picture posts (it could have been one big picture dump but I’m dragging it out..).

Today I start off with the sweater I made for my Mother-in-law

This is the Counterpane sweater from Interweave knits.

The story behind this sweater is interesting. My Mother-in-law took knitting lessons from a friend for a while and enjoyed knitting to a point but never got really into it. She’s knit herself a stocking stitch sweater and loves it, but she decided she wanted a “cool” sweater.

So, she came to me with her bag of yarn, it was Bernat Chunky I believe (I’ll have to see if I can find a ball band) it’s a 50/50 wool/acrylic blend, and she asked me to make it into a Cool sweater. So I went upstairs and grabbed all my pattern books, magazines and such and we took an afternoon going through them. Every sweater that I pointed out as interesting, wasn’t right for her, she definitely did not want something knit in a traditional way, no basic texture stitches allowed for her Cool Sweater.

Then flipping through Interweave, she saw this one she said she really liked it but it wasn’t right, and passed it by. She kept going back to it over the afternoon and finally I asked her what wasn’t right about the pattern… turns out, she HATES turtlenecks and this sweater was designed as a turtleneck (which shows that while she’s knit, she doesn’t understand the concept of knitting). I explained that of all the alterations that would possibly be needed, that was the simplest. I just stop knitting when it’s long enough.

So I grabbed my needles and started going round and round on the front pane. This pattern is SO much fun. When I was getting close to full size I decided to double check my gauge and realized that it was OFF!!! Luckily I hadn’t gone too big yet so I didn’t need to rip out, I just needed to know where I had to stop… enter C, my math genius, and he helped me get it all straightened out. I caught it just in time, if I’d gone even 3 more rows, it would have had to be ripped.

It’s simple, but pretty…

Anyway, I was still worried that I had made the length too long but I was almost finished the back panel, so I just stitched the shoulders together and threw it over MIL like a tunic, I thought it still might be too long, but she liked it. Then it was the sleeves that started to give me issues because MIL is VERY particular about where her sleeves stop, so I measured her arms about 50 million times over the course of knitting the sleeves, and they worked out (luckily)

The neckline was easy peasy, all I had to do was pick up the stitches as told and stop where she wanted it.

So that worked out well.

MIL had to go buy a special shirt for this sweater because the lace is a wee bit revealing, but it worked out nicely. I just need to get a picture of her wearing it.



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  1. great job, J
    now you are a ‘custom’ sweater designer!

  2. Yeah, that is a “cool” sweater. Way to go!

  3. It’s beautiful! I think it’s so lovely that you were able to make her exactly what she wanted.

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