Cop Out

January 8, 2010 at 11:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

ok, ok… so… this is not what I planned when I said one picture post per week, but I have an explanation!!

I was all set to give a lovely picture post with a few pics of new projects that I’ve done. I took the pics, took my camera up to the computer, plugged it in and….. nothing happened.

I wiggled the cords, blew on them, wiggled them some more.. changed ports, everything my little IT brain could think of and… nothing.

The USB cord or the port on the camera was not reading.. there was no communication between camera and computer…

So, luckily, my camera still works… but how to get the pictures off in time. I bought an SD card reader tonight and while going through the pictures on the card I realized that I have way more pictures than I can put into this one post right now (especially since it’s 10:30 at night and I still would have to move the pics over, edit them, upload them, and THEN make this post).

So, tonight you guys are getting a cop out (and I say guys because I noticed I had 16 people view my blog on Tuesday… or something) and you get to see this picture (which I don’t think I’ve shown).

This is my Grandparents on Oct 16, 1953 on their wedding day. This is also the dress I will be walking down the aisle in on May 22, 2010.  Imagine it is ice blue though, because you don’t get the full effect in gray scale.

I have another dress to wear for the reception as this dress is velvet, and it’s also very old and I don’t want to destroy it by wearing it too long.

I’ve wanted to wear this dress since I was about7. There are pictures from my Grandparent’s wedding day all over their house and I always have thought my Gramma looked gorgeous in this dress.

Also, I’m named after her, so I though.. you know… it was a dress made for Jessie, and I’m Jessie so I’m going to wear the dress.

There was some resistance from my Mom and my Aunts at first… to start they were trying to tell me I was too much taller than my Gramma (there’s about an inch and a half difference, but it’s because I have a longer neck and bigger head than Gramma… our shoulders are at the same height). Then they tried to tell me I was too skinny and that the dress would swim on me… which, they forgot that I’d been steadily gaining curves, getting to a healthy weight, and that dress sizes had changed. The dress was about a size 14-16 pattern size when my Great-Grandma made it for Gramma and I’m only a size 10 dress size… showing how much sizes have changed in 50 years.

I stood my ground though and tried on the dress at Christmas a couple of years ago… however my Mom swears up and down that my arms are too “fat” and I don’t fit the dress… Gramma and I say that the dress fits me perfectly, even better than my Gramma, who it was made for.

Mom currently has the dress hostage at her house, waiting to be “washed” and hasn’t let me try it on since the summer  (where she declared I had to go on a salad diet to lose weight in my arms at least), and I’m trying desperately to be patient and bide my time until I can try it on again.

Luckily… I have Gramma on my side and I don’t think she’s as patient as me… she really wants me to be able to try the dress on again to prove that I actually do fit it.

It’s nice having someone batting for me.

I will post a better picture post over the weekend.. I just have to go through my pictures.

You may even get to see a bad video of me and my cousins playing Rock Band… complete with C showing how graceful he is….



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  1. So nice to see this dress I’ve heard so much really is a beauty…to go on another beauty!

  2. I love that dress and I think you should fight tooth and nail to be able to wear it.

    I can’t believe that you’re getting married the day before me! Where are you having your ceremony and reception?

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