Continuing in that vein

January 2, 2010 at 11:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

So, I’m already making it to the second step. Second post this week, 2 boa scarves knit from stash, pulled out the WiiFit and played a bit yesterday.

It’s continuing that’s the problem.

However, Ravelry has a lovely aid to this, it’s a group called “Monthly Adventures” and it’s right up my alley.

It’s a group of people on Ravelry who just wanna have fun! There’s swaps, Knit/Crochet a longs, blanket square of the month, stashbuster assistance… it’s great!

I’ve already maintained on this blog that swaps are NO GO for me, sadly I didn’t follow this rule and I joined in a sock yarn swap for my blankie of doom. Once again, I was really great at the adding stuff in, just not so great at sending it out. Not because I didn’t want to mind you, it just so happened that when the loverly box of goodness arrived we were having money issues what with C losing hours and my job being not so good, then add onto it that I was in Canada, having to send a box to the US, unlike the US, shipping up here doesn’t have a one box fee, it was going to cost in the area of $40 which was no good (at that point in time, it was $40 to ship something, or $40 for groceries, I think you know what won).

So once again I have sent myself to the naughty swapper corner and I’m not allowed to come out until I’ve got decent stable income and a bunch of debts down, not to mention a lot more time on my hands and a mandate that my swap partner is in Canada.

This Monthly Adventures group is going to make that difficult because they already have a Divinely Dottie doll swap going that I’d love to take part in… I can see that temptation beign a difficult one to master.

However, the current KAL is a moebius (which I have great difficulty spelling since it took me 3 times and I’m not even sure that’s right), and I’m doing this one (Ravelry Link but I don’t think enough people read this to worry about it). I’m going to be doing it in a black sparkly yarn that’s been in my stash (STASHBUSTER!!!) to go with my pretty red sparkly dress (do you see a theme here… I’m all about the “ooo sparkly”… and apparently brackets). So that’s helping.

Then there’s the blanket square of the month, which luckily they’re doing the same blanket squares they did last year so all the patterns are up and I can move ahead if need be, which may be a good possibility since I have 2 baby blankets to do in the next 6 months AHHH! (luckily… I MAY have a bit of sit back and knit time in Oahu which is where we’re going on our honeymoon in May, so the second of the blankets may be able to wait… we’ll see…).

Thirdly in the Stashbusters section they have a wicked cool hat to play with and I’ve already got 2 yarns picked out for it, though I’m worried if I’ll have enough… oh well, that’s why it’s call stashbuster, I’m sure I can find something co-ordinating.

The great thing about this group is that I’m sure it’s going to help me keep blogging, if only because they have the greatest thing ever… PRIZES!! but in order to get these, you must post pictures, and pictures are where I become and insanely lazy person/blogger, so with that temptation it should assist me in completing the last part of this whole blogging thing and that’s to have at least 1 picture post a week.

Now, if only I can find the $30 USD to get a full fledged Flickr account I would be a happy woman… hmmm… how to bribe C when I’ve already given him what he wanted for Christmas.


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  1. You are really on top of this…I do enjoy reading!
    I’m going to check out this new group for myself…have been wanting to knit a moebius for a loooooong time.

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