Stopping the couch to 5K program

July 29, 2009 at 4:38 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So, I’m not doing the couch to 5k program anymore…

*gasp* I know.

The reason being, I find it’s too slow for me. C pointed out to me recently that the couch to 5k program is really for people who haven’t led active lives at all. It’s to get people’s bodies used to running, or even just exercising.

It really is COUCH to 5k

I was holding myself back with it by telling myself that because I haven’t been as active in the last 2 years, I’ve lost ALL my endurance and had to start at the basics.

I’ve realized now that I’m stronger than that.

Instead of running week whatever of the couch to 5k program, I’m now running approximately 1.5 km each jog, and working to get better at that, get those times down and then I’ll start stretching it out to a further distance.

Right now I’m averaging about a half hour jog for the 1.5 k plus the 0.5 k warm up walk and 0.5 k cool down walk.

I’d like to get that down to about 20 minutes in the next couple of weeks. It’s really just a matter of pushing.

I’ve found some interesting things about myself with jogging that I didn’t know. I used to think jogging was beyond me. I have a bummed knee that I’ve had surgery on, and I think that’s also been holding me back.

My doctors have all told me that any impact sport isn’t good for my knee and I should avoid them. So I’ve essentially kept myself from going any higher than a fast walk for the last 10 years (not including dancing… I’m not sure how I justified all the jumping to myself but in my head, dancing wasn’t an impact sport….)

I’ve always thought that I wouldn’t like jogging, running or anything like that, and so I never started it.

Since I started jogging I realized I was very wrong. I love it, I love being in nature, I love feeling my body start to work, pushing myself past the points where I don’t think I can go any further and proving to myself it can be done.

I mentioned a fight with my mom in a recent post, and most people probably think it’s just a normal fight, but it goes further than that.

I grew up with abuse from a stepfather that is no longer in my life thank God. I have managed to strive past that and to prove to myself that I am stronger than what he did to me and I know that if I ever see him again I will be able to stand up tall, look him in the eye and tell him that he didn’t win… that I’m stronger than him and always will be.

Unfortunately, because in our family dynamic, I was the one who was low on the totem pole, it sometimes feels like my mom and brother didn’t get the memo that once the dirtbag left, I no longer was the bottom of the totem pole, I was now equal.

A lot of the fights I have with my family right now is trying to get them to see that some of what they’re doing is bordering on the abuse I went through as a kid. However, they are blind to what they do, and I feel that they aren’t learning from it, and that I may be falling back into that pattern of abuse victim.

The jogging has helped me keep in perspective that I am strong, I can push past these tough parts and it’s helped me get that angry and bad energy turned into some positive exercise and endorphins.

With any luck the strength I get from jogging will continue into other parts of my life and I will be able to continue to be strong and move past what’s happening.

I just hope my family will see that we can be happy, things just need to change.

Maybe I can get them to start jogging too….



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