What a setback

July 27, 2009 at 4:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So…. I had a fight with my mom.

Usually this isn’t too big of a deal for most people, you have a fight, make up and get over it, but fights with my mom can be catastrophic.

I don’t want to get into the fight because I’m trying to deal with it and if I started into it, this would be one big whiny post.

So, suffice it to say, it was a bad fight. And as much as I wish I could take that and push through it, or be one of those people who gets mad and goes out for a jog, I’m not.

Nope, instead I wandered around my house like a zombie for a bit and when I came to, I realized I’d polished off half a container of Hagen Daas Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream without really even realizing it.

Not good.

Unfortunately, Mom is the one who’s pushing the most for me to lose wieght (see the , mom wants me to look anorexic post..) however when we get into a fight like this, the last thing I want to do is please her (or go so over the top pleasing her that she leaves me alone…. I missed one family function and she lost it, so no I’m going to all of them, no matter what I’ve got scheduled.)

I figure maybe reverse psychology works on parents too…

Anyway, needless to say I really couldn’t care about exercizing or eating properly right now, but luckily C is very good to me and I know he’ll push for me to continue.

If nothing else, maybe the exercize will get those endorphines working over time and I’ll get happy again.

For now, I’ll eat my home made soup (which actually turned out really yummy this time), because I was good on Saturday and made a whole pot.

I just wish I could figure out a way to not let my mom hurt me like this, because it’s clear she doesn’t want to change or compromise anything, and there are just some areas that I can’t bend.


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