Keeping Going

July 11, 2009 at 4:35 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

So I’ve managed to do 1 more day of the couch to 5 km program, but kind of ran out of time to get that third jog in this week. I’m hoping to get out tomorrow morning before church though.

Thursday I managed to do a quick pilates “energy boost” thing that is only about 15 minutes. Not as good as 30 Day Shred, but at least I got some exercize going.

The end of this week has been brutal!

My dad and his wife were in town and we went out to dinner at a nice restaurant. It’s a steak house, but I decided to take a healthy chouice and go with salmon and fresh greens! Very yummy and probably bett er for me.

The next morning, we went out to breakfast with my dad and his wife before I went to work (Dad lives in Vancouver British Columbia, and I live in Southern Ontario so we don’t get to see each other a lot). We went to Cora’s (a VERY over the top breakfast restaurant in Canada), and I got 2 poached eggs on rye with some cottage cheese and fruit. I’m really not into cottage cheese but I managed to eat a couple bites of it. I only ate the eggs and toast for breakfast, and save the fruit for when I got the munchies at work (good me!)

I then had a pasta salad for dinner (made by my soon to be hubby) and we did an appr. 3 KM hike up the paths at the gorge where we’d had a picnic dinner with some friends. I made sure to jog up the hills, and I was keeping an eye on one of the kids, helping to work out his energy.

Unfortunately, after that we went down to get ice cream from McDonalds, and Hubby and I split chicken nuggets and fries.

Today I had a good breakfast, pizza and a doughnut while workingo n a volunteer renovation with some friends. I’m about to head out to a barbeque with them and I’m hoping to keep my portions down to a normal size.

I missed my exercize today, unless you count the renovating, of which I didn’t do a lot, but I’m hoping to get out and do more tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


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