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Ok I have to admit, I’ve been very lax in my exercise and eating habits.

However I have noticed some things about myself over the last… month since I posted.

First off, my motivation sucks! Unless I enjoy doing something (like dance) and have an instructor yelling at me and pushing me to do better, I really don’t do much. I make excuses about being tired, or that I’m busy (yeah, being on the computer or reading a book).

To counter this, I have a prize to hold in front of me right now. This last weekend my Mom, Gramma and I went to get information on how to clean her dress. In the process, I went to try it on…. it didn’t fit. Actually it was just really around my arms that it got stuck, and it may have been that the sleeves were twisted making it pull more, but still, the thing was tight. So in order to make sure that the dress fits me, I am definitely going to push myself harder.

That being said, I’ve decided that I’m going to set a schedule for myself and DO IT!! When I get home, I’m going to do 30 Day Shred, every night, period. No excuses, no “We got home late and I’m tired” I’m doing it.

I will take days off if I’m around other people (if we go to the cottage with friends I’m not having them watch me exercise), but I figure if we’re out and about like that I’ll be doing other activities, like water skiing, or swimming, or whatever that will be in lieu of the 30 Day Shred.

I have other videos that I may switch it up with, however the other videos are much longer, 45 minutes to an hour versus 20 minutes. So we’ll see how that goes.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that as far as eating goes, my body doesn’t realize when it’s full.

Either that or I’ll be full, but then 10 minutes later I’ll be hungry again, and without thinking I’ll grab something to eat. So what I really have to watch is that when I think I’m hungry but I know I’ve already eaten, I need that will power and motivation to kick in and remind myself that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY I’m hungry when I’ve just eaten 2 cups worth of vegetables.

Thirdly, I’m an emotional eater. I never realized it until I looked back over my weekend. I was doing ok for healthy food Friday and Saturday morning, but when I found out that I didn’t fit the dress, and that I HAD to go on a diet, I went home and polished off a container of Hagen Daas Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

I didn’t even realize I was eating it. So now that has to go.

To curb this, I went to http://www.livestrong.com/ and signed up for their daily plate. I’m actually figuring out what I’m going to be eating during the day and putting it in before I eat it. So by the time I get to work, I already have lunch and dinner taking up the calories they’re going to use. That way, if I get the munchies, I can decide if it’s worth it to eat that granola bar or whatever by looking at my calorie count left.

I’m also trying to make sure that I hit the calorie count every day, because the reason it’s there is to let you know where you should be to accomplish your goals. I know if I short change on that limit too much, I’m not getting enough calories and I’ll make myself sick.

So with any luck these strategies will help my motivation and see me actually taking the steps to having a more fit body and being where I’m most comfortable weight wise.

However, considering I’m only a size 10, I say bull when my mom tries once again to tell me that I’m getting fat.


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