Keeping at it is hard

March 11, 2009 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Wow, so I didn’t even really make it a week before I missed a couple of days… but the best thing is to not give up.

Even if you do miss a day, continuing as best you can is better than going “I’m no good at this, pass the cheezies”.

At least that’s what I’m currently telling myself to try and keep myself going. I think it’s harder right now too because I don’t even have the option of going outside for a walk, or even doing yoga outside.

Winter is really good at taking your motivation away because when you start to think about going to do exercize, you realize that you have to take off your 5 layers of warmth in order to be able to move.

It’s easier to sit in front of the fire with a hot chocolate.

However, recently there has been some signs of hope. Most of the snow is gone from my area, and the sun has been out a few times. We’ve even had a couple of days where jackets were optional.

My hands are itching to get into the dirt of my new garden and maybe get some vegetables started, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the farm down the street has to offer (which will also help my exercize as I would have to ride my bike there in order to be able to feasibly carry all the veggies back in a reasonable time).

I tried to be good on the weekend, I’d even slotted some time to go to a yoga class on Sunday morning (I like the fact that I can do yoga at home, but I’d like to make sure I’m doing yoga correctly, it does me no good if I hurt myself while doing it). The problem was, I didn’t check what the bus schedules were like… so, I ended up standing in the cool morning air for an hour before giving up. *sigh*

There is another class on Friday, which I may go to, but it cuts into the middle of my Knit and Chat that I go to for social time… I really wish they had drop in classes on other days too.

We’ll see what I can find to do, and hopefully I can badger myself into doing more exercize on a daily basis.

At least I’m sticking to the “make food at home” plan… much healthier when you know what you put into your food. In some cases, much more delicious too.


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