Yoga, and more catching up

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Hello again!

Since I’m being good at updating my new exercize blog every day, I figured I should take some time to update this blog too. As you can tell from the title, I’m giving Yoga a try right now. I used to do a lot of dance that focused on stretching and abs, and I’m hoping that Yoga will do something similar. I’m even planning on going to a class on Sunday if I get up early enough.

The new reason for this being that I have a wedding dress to fit into in just over a year. One that CANNOT be altered and that currently fits me like a glove.

Therefore I need to stay in the same glove shape that I am…

Anyhow, on with the knitting content.

First on the list is C’s sweater. I wrote about the origin of this on my old blog here (and really need to get it copied over to this blog so I don’t lose it…). In that post I talk about the numerous things that C wouldn’t let me knit him for fear of losing, and that I’d decided on socks, and he then asked me to make a sweater.

I end the post saying he was coming with me to buy the yarn. So flash forward about 6 months. We’re now engaged, it’s just after Christmas, and we’re in Toronto for a weekend away.

He surprises me by taking me to Lettuce Knit (bestill my heart) where we spend more than 2 hours in a TEENYTINY little store with me grabbing a yarn, holding it out to him and going “HERE, what do you think of this one?”

and him saying “it’s nice” and shrugging his shoulders.

I kept trying to get him to touch the yarn, to feel it, rub it on his arm and make sure it was soft and not itchy or bothersome.

Finally I gave up, grabbed what I thought was a good yarn, one that he’d said was nice WITHOUT the shrug of the shoulders and bought it (along with $200 worth of other things that we won’t mention).

I procede to cast on the sweater which I’m making from a mixture of a few patterns and my own design. I knit away up the front of the body, checking it on him to make sure it’s the right length to the armpits and everything. Then I got to the raglan decreases… and stalled.

I looked and looked but couldn’t find raglan decreases that worked for my gauge and with the fact that I was knitting it flat. So I set it aside in favour of other projects.

Flash forward again to last summer. I hit a “Duh” moment. Over the couple of years that the sweater had been marinating, C would every so often ask about it, then chuckle and tell me that it was ok and there was no deadline (I think he was actually starting to fear the finished project).

I was at work and happened to log onto my local library’s website to see what knitting books they had in and noticed “The Big Book of Sweaters” and thought “hey, I have that book”.

Yeah, I’m a little slow on the uptake.

So I decided that I needed to get the sweater done for Christmas and that it needed to be a surprise. I was worried that I wouldn’t really be able to do this as C and I had the same periods of time off.

Then in October, I got let go… time wasn’t a problem any more.

But yarn was.

I could see as I was finishing the front and sleeves, that I was running a little short on the light gray of the sweater. Considering I had purchased the yarn 2 years prior, in a store in a city an hour’s drive away, and me with no car… I had an issue. I had to make it work some how.

So, I finished the sleeves and worked up the back. I knew it was going to be close, and then I ran out. However since this sweater was in multiple colours, I figured I could just change the cast on edges to dark gray. It wouldn’t be hard to pull out just the cast on edge.

Except that I had done it in ribbing. 3 hours later, the cast on edge from the front was done, and the yarn knitted into the back… still not enough.

Off came the cast on rows from both sleeves… still not enough, but just by barely!

Finally I took the cast on row from the back and JUST made it to the end.

But it was close… I ended up making the neckline in the dark gray too, but it worked out ok.

Considering that there were so many different strands of the yarn right up near the top of the neck, I think it ended up looking decent.

The seams were done with the dark gray as well, but you can’t see it at all, I’m really, very pleased with the raglan decreases!

Over all, the sweater turned out wonderfully! It fits C very well, I’m really proud of the quality of the knitting, and the fact that I slogged through and figured out the pattern and decreases all on my own. I also managed to finish it in time for Christmas, just barely!

However, I’m sure you’ll notice one major thing about the pictures of this sweater… it’s not on C.

That’s because C apparently is very sensitive to mohair, which happens to be in Lamb’s Pride Worsted, which is what the sweater is made out of!

Even wearing a shirt underneath it, he ends up with a mild rash.

So this poor little sweater will be spending most of its days like this, in a treasure box or something, unless I decide to wear it as a dress or something…

*sigh* At least I have some 100% wool in my stash to make him another sweater that he will actually wear…

Till next time


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