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Hello, I’m Saffity. I’m a 26 year old Canadian who’s been interested in Yoga for about 3 years.

2 years ago, I borrowed a couple of books from the library to read up on Yoga and see what it’s all about, but I was too nervous (and too poor) to be able to join a class.

I did however, mention my interest to my wonderful Step-mom who is all for helping me get resources for things I’m interested in.

Shortly I was given 2 Yoga magazines and a dvd “The Essential Yoga”.

I became busy and ignored the dvd for a while until about a year and a half ago when I decided that I was going to pull it out and try it. I got through the breathing techniques and began the sun salutations but then started to get a headache and decided to stop.

Whether the headache was from the inverted positions or from the chemical smell from my new yoga mat I’m not sure.

I then ignored my poor dvd for a while again and figured that Yoga was not for me, until the Wii Fit came out. I worked through the stregth training exercizes and the games, and slowly went through the yoga exercizes as well. However I really didn’t like the fact that between each exercize you had to stop and choose the next one. I got my fiancé to choose for me a number of times but he’s not there every time I want to exercize.

Recently I’ve been noticing that I’ve been losing a lot of my muscle tone and that my energy has been slacking. I used to do 4 hours of dance per week and I was quite active other than that. However lately I’ve been ignoring my exercize and with no money for dance I didn’t even get that.

So I decided to challenge myself to 1 hour of activity (at least) per day. The last few days I had pulled out my DDR game and was playing through the songs to try and get my endurance and cardio up. However, due to a prior knee injury, I can only do this exercize for about half an hour before I need to stop.

Tonight, I decided to pull out that old Yoga dvd and give it another try. This time I made it through the sun salutations with only a minor pressure in my head, and as I went through the 30 minute work out that faded.

I’m hoping to continue with this and began this blog to keep track of what I do and how I feel.

I also have a Pilates dvd that I’m fully planning on using as well. Switching up what areas I’m concentrating on, and making sure that I have core strengthening as well as stretching.

Now I just need to memorize the sun salutation positions so that I can do them in the morning to get myself going.

Today’s Exercize:

Time: 45 Minutes

What: Yoga: basic warm up, sun slautations (8 reps), basic leg lifts (Front and back), Spine twists (4 reps), bow pose (laying prone, pulling up into a bow), child pose, tree pose

Feeling: mild headache part way through, went away as I finished the set, feeling relaxed and well stretched, still a mild pressure in my neck – possibly from not doing a position properly.


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