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So we got the move done, well.. mostly. We’ve got the stuff from my Mom’s that we’re going to get this weekend (mainly my dining room set) and then there are a couple of boxes at my Gramma’s…. and my piano… that’s staying where it is for a while… at least until summer when I can get a piano mover in to get it into the house. We’ll also have had time to decide where to put it.

Now I’m just…. unpacking >.< the hard part about it is I don’t know where to put C’s stuff… so I’m trying to just put boxes of his stuff in the rooms where I think they’ll go, and just let him unpack them when he has time/energy (it’s hard on the guy now that I don’t have a job *cry* he has to work all hours he can… and it’s quite labour intensive… not to mention we’ve been sick as dogs for the last week)

Now I have two deadlines right now… I need to get the dining room empty and I’d like to have the kitchen cleaned up and the living room in a more organized state by the weekend… because my MOM is coming to see the house with stuff done >.< not fun… but anyway.

The other deadline is December 13, that’s right NEXT SATURDAY!!!

We’re throwing an open house/Christmas Party and have invited all our friends and family (and co-workers etc.) to come see the house and get into the Christmas spirit… however that means that the house, the WHOLE HOUSE needs to be unpacked and set up (as much as possible). The basement I’m not too worried about, but I’d like upstairs and the main floor to be nice… it’s getting there… but it’d go faster if I could have the bookshelves upstairs so I could unpack those boxes … yeah I won’t get into all of it.

Anyway, with this being the Christmas season and all, and with me throwing my first party next week (!!!), I have only one Christmas CD and it’s like… 20 minutes long and was a freebie.

I’d love to see if I could make a couple of CD’s either from public domain music or by scavenging from my family, that I could play at the party.

So tell me…

What’s your favourite Christmas song, either generic as in “Jingle Bells” or specific like… Elvis Presley’s version of “Winter Wonderland”.

Let me know.

Till Next Time!


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  1. Maybe the library has some cds you could borrow for the party.
    My favourite Christmas music is anything sung by Harry Connick Jr.

    Good luck with the unpacking. Moving sucks.

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