Christmas Insanity Update #2

November 6, 2008 at 10:39 am | Posted in CIU 2008, Knitting | Leave a comment

Ooookay, so I was totally going to do this earlier, but I got a bit side tracked…

So I just want to say YAY!!! My list is more Green than other… I’m moving along pretty well I think. Let’s go through and check things out. I will eventually (not giving a time or date or anything) post pictures of these projects, however if I was going to add pics to this post, it’d never get finished.

So let’s begin:


Grandpa B-Day Socks

As said last time… these are done… they’ve now been gifted and my grandpa loves them! (Or at least that’s what he said… he hadn’t tried them on, and these had a pattern on them. I’m worried that the pattern on the top of the foot might bother his feet… they’re incredibly sensitive.)

Val Baby Blanket

Val’s baby is due any day now… I was stalling on this blanket at the beginning of October, trying to figure out what edging I’d give it… I then got laid off. I went home, grabbed a crochet hook and some yarn and just put a quick border on it. The next day I got a co-worker to deliver it to her. She said she loved the colour, and I hope her baby is healthy and happy. (again… fo post coming up in the future)

Karin Slipper Socks

Karin’s socks are finished… they’re in blue paton’s merino and done with a lovely cable pattern (I have issues with the written pattern, but I’ll get to that when I write the post regarding these… they’re sitting in the ‘gift box’ waiting for Christmas.

Grandpa Christmas Socks

These are just a plain jane pair of brown socks. After I gave him the patterned black socks, I decided to give him a pair of plain socks for Christmas so that if the patterned ones do bother him he at least has 2 pairs of plain socks he can wear. (This way Grandma can actually wash the grey pair)

Dad Hat

I finished Dad’s hat, but I’m not sure I 100% love it… I may make another one if I have time… It’s just using some left over yarn from my stash in black and white.

Karin Hat

This was added (and not requested so will be a surprise) because I found some arm warmers I made in a really cool yarn and decided that I was never going to wear them as is, so I would make a hat. When it was finished I immediately though Karin would love it. We’ll see if it fits (I hope)

Alistair Baby Blanket

Alistair’s blanket is coming along… I’m hoping I have enough of the yarn to make it look like an actual blanket and not like a long strip (I think I made it too wide.) I’m sure I have a fourth ball of the yarn somewhere, but with the move, I’m worried I packed it… looks like I have to get my stash unpacked PRONTO when we move into the new house.

Jerry Scarf

Jerry’s scarf is growing… I ignored it for a bit because I was working on other stuff, but now I’m back to it. I’ve moved up another 3 colours and we’ll see how far I get by Christmas.

Chris Sweater

I have the front of the sweater done and I”m working up the back. I’m a little nervous because it seems like my row gauge has changed since I started this sweater… I’m starting to bite my nails about having enough gray… we’ll see.

Dad Slipper Socks

Dad’s socks are on the needles and I’ve started the cable cuff part of the first one. These are a relatively fast knit so they shouldn’t be a problem getting them done.

Jude Baby Blanket

I haven’t started this yet but I’m thinking of using some blue baby yarn and making an argosy blanket. This I’m not too worried about… he was just born a month or so ago… not like.. year old Alistair.

So that’s that. We’ll see if I can still get all this done… I’m really glad with how full the gift box is getting though! I’m also working here and there on some of my other UFO’s that are surfacing as I pack… *sigh* I think I’m going to have a frogging party when I get to the new house.

Take care!

Till next time!


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