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Yay! I have pictures for you today as promised!

Just one FO today because I’m going to stretch these out as much as possible so it’s more interesting.

Also… I have a LOT of pictures for this one because C likes doing photoshoots.

So here’s today’s FO:

peariandknitting 011


Pattern: Stripe Jaket from Vogue Knitting Winter 2008

Yarn: Classic Merino Wool

Size: Small

Needles: 6.5 mm circular

Started: July 2008

Finished: September 2008

Thoughts: This jacket is an instant favourite, I finished it just in time for the start of the fall chill and have been wearing it daily since.

This jacket knit up incredibly fast probably due to the fact that you knit it holding two strands of yarn together, one of the colour and one of black.

Of course when I finish a very chic jacket out of Vogue Knitting what do I do? Put on a cute chic outfit and way too high boots and walking around the neighbourhood for an hour. (I won’t show you the pictures of the biggest blisters I’ve ever had in my life).

peariandknitting 028

I modified this pattern slightly in that the pattern only called for 4 stripes of colour and I used 8. The reason for the change was that I wanted to use up the left over Dr. Who Scarf yarn. I figured a big jacket like this would be perfect to use it all up and was even a little worried about not having enough.

The way I chose which colours to use where was to figure out what I had the most of. Since I only had one ball left of the grey-green, I decided to use it last since that’s where the decreases were and no yarn was needed for the sleeves.

Then I went down the jacket with what I had more of.

peariandknitting 017

I love the long shawl collar, however I’ve figured out that I’m not too partial to full garments like this knit in one piece. At least not cardigan/jackets. I find that it wants to slip off of my shoulders some times, however that could be because I had issues with the zipper.

peariandknitting 013

I’m not sure if you can see how puckered and bunched it is. I got a zipper that was 4 inches longer than what was asked for in the pattern, and the zipper now ends 2 inches short of the top of the jacket.

This was the first time I had ever installed a zipper, and while I tried to follow instructions I found online, I found that my sewing instincts took over and I just installed it how I normally would on a garment I sewed. Unfortunately I didn’t realize how much the knitting would stretch even with the amount of pinning I had done.

(and on a side note that’s my old High School in the background… I’ve moved so far…)

Even with those issues I still love this jacket, however if I were to make it again I would probably make it a size bigger because I can barely wear a thick shirt and suit jacket underneath it, much less a sweater.

Also, this thing is SO warm that I will probably be able to wear it for the first part of winter with no problems.

peariandknitting 008

(C is getting better at these photoshoot things… now I just need to make better faces…*sigh*)

On the whole I would definitely recommend this pattern to garment beginners because it’s an easy knit, on big needles. You get to learn new techniques (what with the colour changes, the decreases and the creating a garment in one go and so seams, not to mention the zipper), and it’s a very cute jacket to wear dressed up or casual.

peariandknitting 019

And with that, I’ll leave you with a picture of Peari being weird (she’s taken to laying in very odd positions lately, at least she loves the blankets I knit for her.

peariandknitting 006

“I’m only settling for these because you’re wearing my favourite…”

Till next time!


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  1. AWESOME jacket! The colors are so cool. And a stashbuster at that!

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