A new list and the promise of pics

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I must apologize straight off for how boing and blah this blog has been since about March.

That was when I started my new job, C and I started house hunting, and well… the summer rush and all that.

Since March my apartment has gone to disarray partly due to the land lord deciding to change the windows through out the building “to save money on heating”… here’s a thought, tell your Superintendent to turn the heat down less than 30 C/approx 90 F in the winter and you’ll save buckets!!

Honestly we have to keep the windows open all winter long just to stay comfortable, and since this was a mild winter, we actually turned the A/C on a few times in January and February because the heat was so high.

Anyway because of this we had to move all the stuff away from the windows, not once, but twice. This was because they decided to only change the windows the first time, then come back and do the balcony doors. They still have to fix the balconies, but at least they don’t come in for that. It’s probably going to terrorize Peari though.

So my apartment is a mess (thank goodness we’re moving, we can just pack the mess into boxes), my knitting is a mess (think big pile of tangled yarn thanks to Peari who has to make sure no filled cubby is hiding another animal… *sigh*), and my emotions were stretched to the limit.

Not to mention, house hunting isn’t near as much fun as they make it out to be. It’s so stressful, and ended in more than one ‘fight’ with C (essentially, I get frustrated and yell and he does his best to calm me down.. we come from vastly different families and deal with pressure and stress very differently).

So I’m just glad that I was able to get things written down so people didn’t think I’d just abandoned the blog. However, because I mainly post from work on my lunch (which hopefully I’ll be able to rectify by posting from school on Thursday’s) I don’t have access to any of my pictures, I can’t even access flickr to show anything I might have put up there.

I know I could post from home, but trust me, in the last 6 months, I’ve really only seen home in order to sleep or entertain. That might change in the next little bit, but then we have the move to prepare for, so I might just do a series of posts that just have a pic or two in it.

I have done a ton of knitting over the summer and have a bunch of posts I’d like to write (not necessarily to do with the knitting, some are how I feel about different situtations and stuff… you’ll see) but they really need pictures to fully show what I’m trying to say.

I also really want to show off my FO’s because some of them are really cool.

So that’s my promise for pics, I just need to upload them.

Now if you look to the sidebar, you’ll notice a new list that’s My Christmas List of Insanity.

I figured after the post where I started putting things down that I had deadlines for I should have an update bar.

So in that list, the items that are green are FINISHED!!!

Orange/Yellow is in progress, and I’ll update it in posts like the one I’ll do right after I’m done here.

Red is not even started (save maybe imagining).

So my little cheer squad, you can see where I am through that list and encourage me to try and get it done before it’s needed.

Check the next post for how much I truly need to do.

Till next time



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