Well I’m a moron

September 4, 2008 at 10:40 am | Posted in Knitting, random, WIP | 2 Comments

In reply to one of the comments from my last post, my new house is in the same part of town (south end… VERY south end) as we’re in now.. the same area I grew up in.. just about 2 blocks away from where I currently live and 4 blocks from where I used to live.

Anyway, I was sifting through my local library’s webpage, checking to see if they have Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting books so I could get the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern, when I saw a book that I currently own.

It’s called the book of sweater patterns and is essentially the be all and end all of sweater patterns.

Now normally this wouldn’t be a moron moment except I have a sweater for C on the needles (I’ll have to repost the blog entry I made about him asking me for it and my debating about making it, what with the boyfriend sweater curse and all… it’s on my old blogdrive blog). This sweater was stitching along great, no problem what so ever, until I got to the arm holes.

Now let me just say this, I SUCK at sewing in sleeves, especially inset sleeves, they always come out bunchy and not nice. However, I made a baby sweater with raglan sleeves that came out perfect, so I wanted to make C’s sweater with Raglan sleeves. One problem though, I was kind of working this pattern out of my head (and by holding it up to C to see if it would fit etc. because I don’t trust my math) and the only raglan I made was the baby sweater, which was done in the round, C’s is flat.

So I scoured the internet to see if I could get a basic idea for how to do raglan decreases so that they work… and everything I found was in the round!!

So this poor sweater that C asked me for a few years ago is still sitting on the needles languishing in UFO land. C periodically bugs me about the sweater but assures me that he understands I’m busy and it’s not my top priority.

However, now that I remembered (and had a head palm) about that book, I should be able to get the sleeve decreases done and then it’s just a matter of figuring out how I want the collar (it’s probably going to be v-neck so he can wear a nice shirt underneath… it’s in Lamb’s Pride worsted, and a wool/ mohair blend is gonna be warm.. he’ll probably take it off here and there)

It would just really be nice to surprise him with it for Christmas (since he think’s I’ve given up on it) and with him starting to work over time on Saturday mornings, that will give me the perfect time to knit on it… as I also work on:

The baby blanket due in October
The socks for my granpa due in October
Two pairs of slipper socks for Christmas
A hat for Christmas
Another pair of socks for my granpa
Two baby sweaters
Another baby blanket
A shawl for my mom in March

This is not counting the move we have to do in November, the packing, the laundry, dear Lord this is a recipe for disaster.

I’m going to need a cheering squad, you guys up for the task?

till next time




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  1. You go! You can do it! It’ll be awesome!

    (How’s that?)

  2. Good luck! You can go it 😀

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