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July 10, 2008 at 3:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

My current project (depending on how much time I have) is to copy my blog posts from my old blog (found here) over to this one.

I’ve now been on WordPress for over a year, and I’m getting worried about losing my blogdrive posts.

While most of them are very poor and boring, I still want to keep them as the history of my knitting that they are.

Also, I’d like to apologize for my continued silence as far as posting goes. I’m still quite busy and have a tendency to update my Ravelry account before I come here, so if you want to see what new stuff I’m working on, go there (if you’re able to, to those who aren’t in yet, I’m sorry, hopefully I can get stuff going here again soon).

In the mean time, I’ve still been knitting my fingers off, my apartment is frigid due to C’s grass allergies, and my work temperature is so cold that I’m still able to wear my wool socks (and some times I really need them!)

My current distraction has been my new toy. C and I managed to get a Wii, and by stroke of luck also got the WiiFit. I’ve been lazy in the last year what with not taking dance classes (they were too pricey on our previous budget) so I’m working through the games and such on the WiiFit to get myself ready for starting dance again.

I’ve been asked if I believe that the Wii is exercize in video game form and I have to say, Yes! Especially with the WiiFit for me. I have bad hand-eye coordination so I struggled with WiiSports, but once you add balance to the mix, I’m doing quite well, and really feeling it too.

Our other big news is that we’re looking at houses. Hopefully before the end of the summer we will have an offer down on one that we love. We don’t have our sights set on anything yet, but the fact that we can even look at houses is amazing!

Anyway, that’s all the big news for now. Hopefully I can have some more interesting updates here, I’ll be surprised if anyone still reads this since I’ve become boring.

Till next time!


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