Holy Crap!!!

May 7, 2008 at 10:44 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Has it really been so long? Geeze… I’m sorry guys, my life took a HUGE about face.

I know I put little posts up but I can’t believe I’ve left this poor little blog tosit for so long.

So, I don’t have pictures for you right now, I will hopefully get them up and going in the next few days, I do however have quite a bit of news.

For starters, the main new thing that has been taking over my time is that I got the full time office job that I was looking for. It’s with the same company that I did my placement for, and I am loving every minute of it. Honestly, I can totally see myself being here in 20 years, the benefits and the department that I work with are that good.

So yay!

C and I also almost bought ourselves a house. We were about half a day from signing, we talked with my family, discussed it between us, and in the end, decided that we would be better off if we waited for a bit. That way it would allow us to get rid of the last of my school debt and get a bit of a buffer saved up.

The good news from this is that we now know what we’re looking for in a house, since we want to hopefully move into one in the next few years.

Thanks to this new job, we were able to buy a gift for ourselves (this was a personal present for making it through the last year without going further into debt, essentially we blew what we could of my first paycheck on a toy). We got a Wii!

I love this thing! The exercize ability of it with Wii Sports and Wii Fit is perfect for me (since I’m not doing dance this year), and it has a bunch of games that are just plain fun! (I don’t do very well at video games, I don’t have the hand-eye coordination for it, but I’ve actually beat a couple).

Peri the wonder cat is doing fantastic, she’s become enough of a cuddle cat for me, and enough of a play cat for C. I’m not sure what caused her to be removed from the home she was in previously, but it wasn’t physical abuse. She even lets me clip her claws with my nail clippers!

On the knitting front, my stash has exploded all over the back room and I have to get that cleaned up. I’m working on actually finishing up some of my WIP’s and UFO’s. I’m hoping that when I clean up the stash I’ll uncover everything that is currently on the needles and take pictures to put into Ravelry. That list of WIP’s on there is my hall of shame and hopefully that will get me to actually finish stuff.

I’ve still been doing my voice acting for Quirky Nomads which is now just QN. It’s my favourite podcast and if you like little skits and funny stories, you’ll probably enjoy it too, plus it updates about twice a week at least.

Let’s see, thanks to Lime and Violet, I’ve started Letterboxing (you can find more info on it here) and I’m now an F2 with C. It’s a nice little hunt that gets you out of the house and seeing new things, plus it has creativity with making stamps. I’ll have a post or two about that in a bit too.

I think that’s about it on the general news thing from me. I’m hoping to get more time on the net and be able to write in here more often. I’m just finding that when I’ve stared at the computer screen all day, I don’t really want to look at it anymore when I get home. Maybe I’ll become a weekend poster.

We’ll see.

Till next time.


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