Back from the dead… with a warning

March 25, 2008 at 10:41 pm | Posted in Peari, random | 2 Comments

Guess what I found…

Oh noes! You found it! I’ll have to hide the computer cord better next time….

Yup, I finally found the camera cord so now I can show you some of the wonderful things I’ve been holding in reserve.

Before I get to that though, I just want to take a moment to give a warning.

I recently started a new job in an office, and I needed a wardrobe to go with this change. Usually when I buy new clothes I’ll wash them before I wear them, but this time I just wore them pretty well right out of the bag.

I am never





Excuse the really bad pictures of me, these shorts don’t do me any favours but I wanted to show the extent of it. And if you think this is bad, double it, and then add on crazy amounts of irritation. It feels worse than my worst sunburn.

There was something in the manufacturing that I reacted badly with. I have a rash that seems almost like a burn on my skin in places where the fabric rubbed. It’s all up the inside of my thighs (and I think the only reason it’s not down each calf is because I was wearing knee highs), on the back of my thighs where I sit on the pants, and all around my hips where the waistline sits.

It’s not just one pair of pants either, but a couple different pairs that have been causing this. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a lubricant or oil from the sewing machines because it seems to be worst by the seams.

I just wanted to mention this in hopes of saving someone else the irritation and pain I’m going through right now. I tried one of my moisturizers (it’s what I use on sunburns) and that just made it burn more, so I think there’s nothing much to do but wait it out and if it’s not gone by the weekend, call my doctor.

These pictures are also for proof for if it’s not just a manufacturing thing but is just one pair of pants (the ones that started it) and that the other pants just irritated it a bit more. If those pants cause this issue even after I wash them, I’m contacting the company because there’s something definitely wrong here.

Till next time (with knitting content!)



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  1. Aloe Vera gel and plenty of it young Saffi! I have to wash everything before I wear as well, it’s just not worth the pain of not, aloe vera works well for me if I frget or what-ever-it-is that brings me up isn’t quite out.

  2. 😦 I hope the rash clears quickly. A doctor’s visit sooner than later would be my choice!

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