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December 29, 2007 at 3:09 pm | Posted in Peari | 3 Comments

I hope everyone had a good holiday, Christmas was great for us (all 7 of them >.<), I’ll get to a post about that some other day, but right now we will interrupt the knitting fun with the tale of how Peari came home.

C’s mom recently had to put down her dog (about a month ago), and had gotten lonely without him around. She went to the SPCA, wanting to adopt an adult cat (knowing that kittens get adopted really easily), and was playing with a lovely orange tabby named Alicia. However when she mentioned that she travels up north 3 hours and back once a week, the adoption agency said it’d be too hard on Alicia and that she’d be better to go with a kitten instead so that the kitten could get used to the traveling.

For the next week or so, C’s mom was trying to get someone, anyone to adopt Alicia, seeing as the cat had been there for 4 months. We went and checked Alicia out on Boxing Day, and she was a wonderful cat, she was quite fat, but really affectionate and lovely. However, our apartment was still in a state of Christmas chaos and we wanted to have a chance to clean it up before bringing the cat home.

When we went into the adoption center the next day, Alicia was gone. The poor cat was sitting at the adoption agency for 4 months, and then on the same day, 3 different families (us included) all wanted her. At least she’s in a loving home.

The next day we decided we wanted to go back to check out the other cats, and I checked online to see what cats were available. My first view of Peari was her picture on the website, it wasn’t exactly the best pic.

It’s kind of a little kitty mugshot.

When we went into the adoption agency, there were two cats, Pear, and Banana. When I went up to the cages, Pear (who is 2.5-3 years old) hopped up and was right at the edge to come see me and get pet, while Banana hid. They were both from the same home. This home had 3 cats and a dog all taken from it. Pear and Banana were both really skinny. Pear however had decided that she wanted to come home with us and pretty much latched onto me. (She’s still got her claws which is fine).

When we got her home (complete with toys, carrying case, food, and treats) and let her out of her carrying case. Now the adoption agency told us that most cats hide for a good couple of hours until they get comfortable. Pear however (who was still Pear at this point) pretty much made herself at home.

“This carpet is mine.. and isn’t my tummy oh so soft and pettable?”

After a little while, we were trying to decide on names, C kept throwing out ideas and when he said “Peariwinkle” because she’s been “Pear” for a bit and we can call her “Peari”, it stuck.

“I love my people and I’m totally a Daddy’s girl”

She is very people oriented, she checks things out and likes to lie beneath the futon and the bed but especially likes to make sure we’re here. If she hasn’t seen us for a while she will meowl for us until we call her and she finds us.

However we both agree that we think in her other home she had to fight the other cats and maybe the dog for her food because she doesn’t really eat unless we’re sitting by her, and actually likes us to have our hands by the food bowl to protect it, and even then she’s looks around for any other animals. She gets distracted by any noise and needs to check it out before she comes back to eat. We’re hoping she calms down and realizes all her food and toys are hers and hers alone.

At least in our home she’s going to get tons of love, and all the petting she needs.

Now I need to get started on a Wendyknits cat bed and some Feline Dim Sum from knitty. We also need to get her a bigger cat toy, she can totally stretch to the top of the one we got her without even trying.

“Give me a few hours and I’ll have these humans in the palms of my paws.. next up.. THE WORLD!”

Till next time.



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  2. Awww! Peari is very cute!

  3. Awww! Congrats on the new addition to your family 🙂

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