I think I may be crossing a line….

December 11, 2007 at 12:26 am | Posted in Dr. Who Scarf, Knitting, random | 1 Comment

I realized something today… I may be getting a little too obsessed with this knitting thing. Not so much with the yarn or the act of knitting or what but well… let me explain.

I ride the bus everywhere, I don’t have my driver’s license at this time, and though I intend on getting it, it’s not on the top of my list right now. Today I was sitting at the front of the bus, trying desperately to fight off a bout of car sickness that was creeping up on me, when a woman stepped on the bus. I was looking at the floor and noticed her scarf.

It took about 2 seconds while she was paying for me to go… hey, I recognize that stripe pattern. It was in different shades, but as I followed the scarf up to her neck, I knew for certain that it was a Dr. Who Scarf, much like the one I recently finished.

As I was formulating a very suave comment to say to her about it however, she walked past me and sat down somewhere behind me. I debated moving seats so I could ask about her scarf, if she knit it.. how she found slogging through the 11 feet of garter stitch, but I thought it might seem rude or presumptuous. So I stayed where I was, hoping that she’d be getting off at the station where I was so that I could then strike up a conversation about it.

Oh believe me, the conversations we had in my head were wonderful! Comparing experiences, talking about Dr. Who and knitting in general. I’d mention that I was part of the local knitter’s guild, and I’d find someone who could relate to my love of knitting.

And then she got off 3 stops early. This is where I think I completely lost my mind.

I very nearly got up and walked off the bus to follow her and strike up the conversation. I debated very vehemently with myself about how I could go shopping at the grocery store there and just happen to notice her scarf.. after all.. tomatoes with dinner would be lovely.

Then the sane part of my brain spoke up and mentioned that not only was I late getting home, but I was becoming a stalker of knitting and that the woman probably saw my crazed look as she walked past and fled. Sanity won out in this instance.
I just hope I spot her on the bus again soon…

Till next time.


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  1. Maybe she’s a psychic and could HEAR the voices in your head and THAT’s why she left so quickly! Hee!

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