We Will Rock You!!!!

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I went to see the musical We Will Rock You recently, and posted about what I was wearing, and how excited I was to see it FINALLY!! (I’ll get to the FO once I get pictures. It is the Christmas season so I’m sure you’ll see plenty of others.)

I was also visiting a friend that I haven’t seen in over a year.

This of course meant that the fates were against me.

I live an hour or so away from Toronto, but traffic on the 401 can be… slow… parking lot like… I could walk faster. Sometimes you can get a good day, and get to Toronto within the hour time limit… some days ended up like this day.

The plan was to meet my fiancé at 5:30, and head up to Toronto, getting there by about 6:30 – 7:00 giving us an hour to meet up with my friend, and head to the theatre.

First off.. there was a crash right by where we were supposed to meet. This meant that we didn’t get out of town until 5:45, but all was still good. We had time, and could get there within our planned meeting time.

Then one of the cross highways, and a major route from North to South, was closed on the Northbound lanes.

We were sitting in traffic for ages. It took us close to an hour to travel 16 miles.

We managed to get to our subway station and prayed we would just get to the theatre on time, because there was no way we were meeting up with my friend (who was at the show too but in a different section of seats).

On the subway, a woman who was obviously drunk, got on the subway and chatted with me because she loved my hair (I had more than one person think it was my real colour). We got off the subway one station early, because a different helpful rider overheard us talking about which stop to get off of and thought we were talking about a different theatre, luckily the theatres in Toronto are relatively close.

We got off the subway and practically ran to the theatre (or rather, I fell, my fiancé was just moving forward enough that I never hit the ground as I was holding on to him). We got into the theatre and down the stairs just in time to catch the doors as they closed.

I was quite upset over not getting some time with my friend.. but all things considered, we were lucky to make the show at all.

Now, to get on with a review of the show (I’ll make it short and quick), I already mentioned the style of the show, well, it’s also quite a bit like a concert in some ways. They were selling glowsticks that you can wave around at certain points through the show. The lighting was amazing, and the lit up the house quite a few times. The whole show was really fantastic.

After the show, my friend and I went to Stage Door to see if we could meet any of the actors.

They were all really impressed with my costume, and said that they could see me from the stage (well… see my hair, they didn’t realize I was in costume until after the show).

Lindsay Owen Pierre, a member of the ensemble.

Please pardon my insane smile, I get a little crazy when I’m excited.

This lovely lady is Jewelle Blackman, who plays the character who wears the costume I’m in (only she has blue hair). It was really funny because she kind of walked right past me at first. Then stopped, turned around and said “you’re totally in my costume!!!” and had to get a picture. Hers was on her cellphone and was kind of dark, so I’m hoping to get her a copy of this one.

Erica Peck, who played Scaramouche, the leading lady. She’s got an absolutely amazing voice!

Sterling Jarvis who played the character Britney Spears, I had to get a pic because one of my friends is a HUGE fan of the singer.

After meeting Sterling Jarvis, I asked Erica Peck if she knew if Valerie Stanois, who played Oz, was still in the theatre or had come out. Erica said she was probably still in the theatre. I explained that I had seen Valerie in CATS when they did the show in Hamilton and had made a kitty litter cake.

At which point I heard “AUGH!” from behind me, turned around and there was Valerie going “I remember you now!” She then went on to explain how the cast of CATS had gotten this cake that looked like kitty litter, and was absolutely delicious and how I was “NEVER TO MAKE IT AGAIN!” because they all ate way to much of it and could hardly make it through second act.

So I chatted with her a bit, and she said she was surprised I showed in costume… to which I replied “I went to CATS as a cat! How could I not come to We Will Rock You as a Bohemian!”.

This is me, Yvan Pedneault who played Galileo, the male lead, my friend Jouley, and her girlfriend Sam. For height reference, I’m naturally about as tall as Jouley. That’s how high those boots are.

It was a fantastic night, unfortunately my feet were killing me because the boots have no padding. Amazingly, I wasn’t cold! It was a chilly night out, but I’ve done this so many times I don’t even notice the cold for the first half hour or so.

Anyway, if you liked Queen and can deal with the costumes, some swearing and some innuendo, go see this show.

However, as I stated in this post, don’t take your young children.

Till next time.


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