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Wow, can you tell I’ve been really busy lately? I even missed my favourite event day (Hallowe’en) due to the fact that I’ve been working my first month at a new waitressing job and it’s quite busy.

Let me tell you though, I did go into work dressed in one of my costumes on Hallowe’en! How could I not?!

Now today I have an evening off, and I’m off to Toronto to go see a show!

This show is We Will Rock You, and is one that I have been really looking forward to. I first found out about this show back in 2003 I believe, when it opened up in London England. I have some friends that I know through the internet who showed me some images of the characters and let me hear some of the music.

Of course I’d already heard the music, and you probably have as well. This is a musical based around music by Queen. This is essentially Queen’s version of “Mama Mia”. However, rather than a fun love story, you will get a futuristic adventure tale.

If you aren’t really into new theatre this might not be the show for you. Want an example why? Here’s a picture of my costume (which I’m currently wearing and will wear to the show) based on one of the chorus characters.

Apologies for the blurriness, I had a heck of a time getting even that one shot.

Now I’m sure you’ll notice some things. First.. I have no bottoms (I’m essentially in a bodysuit and that’s it), second, there’s not much to the bodysuit. I’m wearing my trench coat for modesty and it is NOT actually a part of the costume.

You’ll see a lot of this in the show. I personally think they’re really cool takes on what a futuristic punk style would be, but… it’s not for everyone.

And just because I LOVE my wig…

Argh again with the blur… sorry.

And yes, I did in fact move my full length mirror all over the apartment trying to find an area where I could take a couple of pictures without the flash doing this:

I’ll be back tomorrow to gush about the show, and show an FO!

Till then!


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