FO! And a Book Critique.

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I just read through some of my past posts and realized that I didn’t finish what happened on my BC vacation…. I’ll do that later, there wasn’t really all that much but I will get to it.

Today however I bring you the promised FO! This is a gift for a friend of mine who came to me last year and asked if I would help him reach geek level 5. It is a Tom Baker Dr. Who Scarf!

(as always, click the pictures to see bigger)

This scarf is LONG! I’m 5’5″ and it’s wrapped once around my neck loosely. It’s probably about 11-12 feet long all told.

The specs for this:

Pattern: Season 13 (first) Scarf from The History of Tom Baker’s Scarves

Yarn: Paton’s Classic Wool Merino

Needles: 4mm straights

Started: February 2007

Finished: October 2007

Thoughts: This scarf felt like it was never ending. At times it was quite fun, I’d finish a colour section and start the next, realize it was only 8 rows and try to get to the next section. It became a bit of a race with myself. However, it was also completely in Garter Stitch and made for very boring knitting after a while. Especially when I interrupted it with the Mystery Stole. Going from interesting lace back to garter stitch was hard. The pattern is sort of interesting though, in that it just gives you the colours you need, then lists which colour comes next and how many rows to do. It was fairly simple to follow.

That is until I skipped a line of the pattern and forgot about 10 colour sections. I ripped it out, cursing all the while, and added in the colours I missed. Looking back on it now, I realize that I could have just done some surgery on it, leaving the sections I’d completed to the side (cutting them off) knitting the ones I’d forgotten, then grafting the section back on. But I didn’t think about that until after I’d ripped it all.

My friend should be careful, because after that lovely picture up top, the garter stitch monster decided it wanted it’s revenge on me for taking so long.

But I beat it into submission and snapped a couple of pictures to warn you of any impending doom you will have if you make this scarf.


Sobering isn’t it.

On the plus side, I have at least one full ball of each colour left over to figure out what to do with. I’m pondering a colour work sweater but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see. Any ideas? There are 7 colours, I would probably have to do this sweater in the round to make sure I had enough, but I might be able to split the balls.

Book Critique!

Recently I went out and bought the book Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair  by Crazy Aunt Purl. This was a book that I was really looking forward to. I’d been reading her blog for about 6 months and had almost fallen off my chair laughing through most of it.

When the book finally came out, my local book store didn’t get it in stock for a month or so. When I finally found it, after reading great things being said about it, I snatched it up and bought it before the words “can’t afford it” could go through my head.

I was reading it in the car on the way home (my fiance was driving) and pretty well devoured it over the next few days.

This book is fantastic. It had me laughing, crying, agreeing, and emphasizing. I’m only 25, not married and never been through a divorce as one of the married people. I have however been a child involved in 2 divorces, one involving many acts of adultery and abuse, and do know how trying it can be on a person and a family.

This book is not a tale of woe, it is not a pity party or a “he was mean to me so I wrote this book”. This is a history of a woman caught in a tough time and surviving it. Finding strength in herself and moving forward. Plus, it’s got knitting included.

Totally my kind of book.

Oh and Laurie, if you’re reading this, you may say you decided to “not bring back the leg warmer trend of  1987” but looking around the stores… you LIED!!

Till next time!


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  1. […] It took about 2 seconds while she was paying for me to go… hey, I recognize that stripe pattern. It was in different shades, but as I followed the scarf up to her neck, I knew for certain that it was a Dr. Who Scarf, much like the one I recently finished. […]

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