Continuing in BC (Image heavy)

September 14, 2007 at 3:24 pm | Posted in BC Vacation, Costumes | 1 Comment

So, I promised pictures of English Bay at sunset, and that’s what you’ll get, what you won’t get however is knitting content, sorry, but hopefully you enjoy the scenic pics. First however, I have to say that the nurses who work at the blood bank are really good at what they do.

During my time giving blood, a number of the nurses would walk by and ask if I was ok. At first I figured they were just doing their job, until I realized they were only asking me. It’s probably because I’m so pale naturally, but still. Just as I was finishing up, and the needle was being pulled out, I suddenly felt very unwell. I mentioned very quickly that I felt sick to my stomach, and in a split second I was surrounded by 5 nurses getting cold cloths on me, getting me to lay on my side, raising my feet.

I was fairly out of it, but I remember being amazed at how fast they were able to get me feeling better.

Anyway, on to pretty vacation pictures.

The last day of the convention, our imported Italians came out to see what a Canadian Convention was all about (they help organize some of the cons out in Italy).

Much to the amusement of her husband, and to some extent her dismay, we were able to convince our Italian to let us put some simple Cats based makeup on her. This was due to the fact that there were 3 full Cats and one Semi Cat roaming around in our group, we’d met our Italian through a Cats forum, and she was a fan. (Click any of the pics to see them full size).

Getting her to agree was a bit of a task… The picture of me giving her a hug at the restaurant (two posts ago) was right about the time it happened. We brought up the idea and she kept saying “No! NO! NO!!!” then I gave her ‘kitty eyes’ and she hesitated…. then said “maybe…..” then looked kind of shocked that she actually caved.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. We posed for pictures, were interviewed a couple of times, found Prince Charming, and hunted for fish. (I obviously didn’t find any, but I love my pout).

Just to note, I made the costume I’m wearing, and the black one with the white fuzzy chest. I did all the makeups except for the blue-gray-black cat who did everything on hers. She also helped me tremendously with my two wigs, and made the white wig worn by the fourth girl.

After hunting for fish, I proceeded to get up and almost fall into the water.

So I went to get sympathy. I also added the last picture because it was a lovely one of the painting I did on this costume. It’s based off the patterns of a gray cat I knew at the time this costume was created. The orange yarn in the tail is actually from one of the Secret Pal exchanges that I was involved in waaaay back when.

And that’s that for the costumes. Phew!

Continuing on, we went to a pub and watched a concert with Liam Titcomb who is an amazing singer. I’m so glad I got to see him.

The next day we ended up meeting up with another friend and her son. We took the Italians on a tour of Stanley Park and the Aquarium. This is where I ended up getting my first sunburn of the year… and it was a doozy.

We then went and got Poutine (of course we had to let the Italians taste true Canadian food) and had a small picnic at English Bay.

So that’s the bulk of my vacation. I have a little bit more to tell but it’s not as picture heavy. The next bit will involve yarn shopping(!!), the PNE, and a surprise!

I’ll end my post with one last picture, it was in my last post as well, but it’s my favourite shot from my whole vacation. These are my two best friends in the whole world who sadly live on opposite ends of the world from me. They were watching the sunset and didn’t see me coming up behind them, capturing the moment as they watched the sunset.

Till next time.


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  1. I know I’ve already told you this via MSN, but… I am touched by your posts about your (our) time in BC. This “imported Italian” is honoured and proud to be worth the friendship of someone who is so special.

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