September 11

September 11, 2007 at 1:24 pm | Posted in BC Vacation, Family, Fiancé, Knitting, Serious, Socks | Leave a comment

So, I am going to take a small digression from my vacation (at the beginning of this post) to talk about the significance of today for me. 9/11 happened when I was 18 years old, I was in my first year at college, and I was failing miserably. When I heard that the World Trade Centre had been hit by a plane I didn’t really believe it, it was too much for me to comprehend. I was actually in class when one of our teachers told us, however by the time we knew, the WTC had already collapsed.

Thinking back on that day I am ashamed of myself. I was too immature to really grasp what had happened, and it was too far away from home for me to really feel the impact it truly had on the world. My main memory from that day was that the senator in California (I think) who was being investigated for the disappearance of a young woman would be really happy now that the heat was off him.

Not my shiniest moment.

However, over the next year I changed and grew, and in the April following I watched a documentary on some of the firefighters that went up the towers. It was then that everything hit me as to what really happened that day and how much was lost. I bawled like a baby for a good 3 hours.

Turning on the tv today was hard for me, I look back on that day with so much emotion now, pain for those who suffered, both those who died/were injured, and those who survived, and Shame for the way I reacted to it.

The way I try and remember that day is with hope. While so many horrible things happened, it also brought so many people together.

Due to this, I try to think about what I’m grateful for having, that if something that catastrophic happened to me, what could I look back and be happy about.

Right now it’s this:

Good friends

A loving fiancé

A happy family

An appreciation for beauty


The ability to knit

And most importantly, the opportunity to give back to others.

Which is why today at 6:35, I am donating blood and why even though I’m terrified of needles, I’m going to try and donate blood more often. Being O- means that my blood is not only one of the most rare, but is also a universal donor.

On days like today, it’s always good to list what you appreciate, because you never know when it will be taken away from you.

Till next time


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