Phew… Back to Normal

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So, my last post was small and not very impressive. I was on my way out to British Columbia and I was in a race to finish up my Mystery Stole 3. I was doing a really good job for a while, on the Thursday I finished right up to the last clue, on the Friday, I ran into my first road block, I was going to run out of beads… I had enough… back home in Ontario, so I might have to improvise. But I kept working as best I could. Then my friends and I went to the convention on Friday night and Saturday and I… had a bit too much fun…

Rumpleteazer 03 Rumpleteazer 04 Rumpleteazer 13

As these pictures clearly show (Click on any of them to see bigger versions). Saturday the recipient of the stole arrived from Italy (via California) and all was well. I showed her the stole in progress and she said she “couldn’t find words”.


I worked on it a little during the vacation, but realized that it would be better with all the beads, and that the recipient would be fine receiving the stole by mail and that I would prefer to do it properly for her. Tho she was very amused by me knitting in a Bubble Tea shop. This picture has been dubbed by her as “The perfect visual description of Saff” so, if you’re wondering what I’m like, this picture apparently says it all.


I’m wearing my Picovoli in that pic too.

I’ll leave off the trip in the middle of the convention so that I don’t flood the blog with pics, but I’ll show you more at a later date, including some awesome shots of English Bay at sunset. However, when I came home I finished the Mystery Stole 3 and blocked it. So you get to see that.

MS3 Spoiler Pics Below!!! (just in case)

bcvacay 074 bcvacay 073


It will soon be on its way to Italy, and following it will be a Silver Swan pin from Romi.

Till next time



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