WIP’s and FO’s

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Today I’m going to discuss some of my WIP’s and a couple of FO’s that I’ve been working on lately. You all know about the Mystery Stole 3, and you’ll get updates on that on Fridays as I complete each clue.

This is for other things I’m working on because I’m very much not a monogamous knitter in any sense of the word.

To start off let’s look at my FO’s. These are my charity FO’s that I’m working on to try and rid my stash of extra yarn that I don’t need.

To start off with, here is my pinwheel blanket

This blanket is made with 3 colours of Red Heart Acrylic. I started this about a year and a half ago, and it would have been finished quite quickly, but I kept getting distracted from it. It was nice mindless knitting for a while. I finished this with a plain stocking stitch edging.

It still needs to be blocked, but that won’t take long.

This next project you might need to put your sunglasses on for. Any retinal burning you may experience has been forwarned.

This is the picture without flash. This hat is the Center Square hat from knitty. It was my first successful attempt at colourwork with the yarn held in both hands. There is little to no puckering and all the colour switches worked very well. I altered this pattern by using a worsted weight yarn with only one strand, and extending the bottom ribbing. It’s longer than just a beanie, but it’s small enough for a toddler or small child.

My WIP’s at the moment are mostly socks.

This is the Grasshopper sock from the Socks that Rock sock club. Don’t expect this to be done any time soon, I’m making the knee high version. I’m really enjoying working with the silkie though it’s a beautiful yarn and the colours are gorgeous.

This is a completed Jaywalker, calmly waiting for its mate that is currently on the needles and just past the heel. I’m hoping to get this one done within the next week. They yarn is Paton’s Kroy Stripes and I love the colourway. Even better is that without meaning to, the colours on the second sock are very close to matching.

This is my Pomatomus sock. It’s an old picture as I have now worked my way around past the heel by now. This is worked in some extra Trekking XXL that I had laying around. I made some plain stocking stitch socks out of this yarn previously and I’m slightly worried I won’t have enough yarn.  Due to that I’ve only done two repeats on the leg instead of three, but it’s a long enough leg for me right now.

This is just scratching the surface of the projects I have on the needles, but some of those will get their own post in the future.

Till then!


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