Well that was productive

July 5, 2007 at 5:46 am | Posted in Knitting, Ravelry | Leave a comment

So, two great things about having to get my body ready for night shift this weekend.

1. I get to catch up on my podcasts. My poor iPod is getting fat with all the podcasts on it that I have to listen to.

2. I get time where all my blogs are updated, no one’s on the chats, and my fiance has gone to sleep where I’m so bored that I actually take the time to upload all my pictures to flickr and start putting my projects up on Ravelry.com!

So yay! Speaking of ravelry, I quite enjoy this site. The forums are really fun to browse when I have time, I even found a lovely video chat that is Knitters only! It’s not very active yet, but I’m sure once more people have  found out about it we’ll have a bunch of chatters on there.

I love going through the ugh files and seeing that people make things as ugly as I do sometimes. At least I know I’m getting better.

Another fun thing is meeting people. I struck up a conversation with one girl based solely on her profile picture (she’s wearing a Sailor Jupiter costume in it) and found out that she’s moving near me in the fall which is really cool! Not only that, but tonight when I was in the Knittyboard chat, I asked one of the chatters who she was on ravelry, and found out that it was the girl I was PM’ing. It’s amazing how small the internet can be.

Probably the post fun of the whole thing is getting all my old pictures uploaded and going “wow.. lookit how blond I dyed my hair… lookit how long my hair was there… looking how goofy my room was then” and yet still feel ok showing these pictures to who knows how many knitters.

I think that’s what I love about the knitting community, at least online. I’m horribly shy with people in person, but I can talk to anyone online. I love how friendly and open the knitting community is, compared to any number of other communities I’ve been involved in.

I have a bunch of FO’s I’ve recently dealt with. I’ll probably post about some of them and the progress with them in the near future.

Till then.


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