Back again and pumped!

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So, after a very eventful year (one in which I actually posted for a while) I ended up completely and totally ignoring this blog. This was something I felt horrible about, however, due to the fact that this semester totally and completely kicked my butt, I think I have a bit of an excuse.

As it stands, I managed to survive the semester with 3 A’s, 2 B’s, and 2 C’s…. 4 more months and I’m on my way to becoming a career woman.

For a while anyway.

I am going to forwarn everyone that this post is going to be horribly boring because I don’t have any pictures. However, I will have pics soon, and they will be much better than any you’ve seen before because my Fiancee and I hit the boxing day sales and got a camera that actually works.

Now, to sum up last year, I got very little fully accomplished, got injured a fair amount, and went drastically (for me anyway) into debt.

So, I pledge to make this year much better. It’s looking up so far.

For starters, on December 8th my boyfriend (yes the one I’m making a sweater for *gasp*) proposed, and I accepted. Then for Christmas, his mother increased my needle supply by a fair amount with some very pretty needles (they’re cheap aluminum but they’re pink, blue, green!!!).

I managed to hit Lettuce Knit, frequent haunt of Amy and The Yarn Harlot. While there I got the yarn for BF’s sweater, Lamb’s Pride worsted in a light gray, dark gray and blue… I’ll go more into that on another post. I got some Sea Silk for my wedding shawl, some Trekking sock yarn, and some Nature’s Pallet in Jet Black for BF’s dress socks.

The big thing for me is that I managed to find a nice beginner’s drop spindle and a bunch of wool to try out. I got a sample pack that had 5 colours in small bunches that I was going to use to try out. The first colour that I tried ended up being somewhere between worsted and bulky, however there were no slubs and it’s really neat to have it sitting on my dresser. The second batch was a lot thinner, closer to a worsted and much more uniform in width from start to finish.

I look forward to finishing these little batches and starting in on my “Gummy Worm” coloured wool… believe me, the colours are as delicious as the name. After that I have a bunch of “Wildberry Jam” to get into.

My poor stash is still very much filled with icky acrylic but I intend to deal with that by making my very own “blankie” as created by Shelly over at The Heathen Housewife. If nothing else, I can put it on the floor as a really cool rug… heck knows the acrylic could stand it. I still have a love hate relationship with my acrylic.. I love it for all the reasons I said in a post below, but I hate it because there’s so much yarn that’s softer or prettier but out of my price range that it drives me nuts.

As I said to my one friend, I love yarn, all yarn, every yarn and the yarn that I always seem to want the most is the yarn that I can’t have, even if I may have screamed my frustration with said yarn just yesterday, take it away from me and I’ll do anything to get it back.

As part of 2007 I am joining two year long knit alongs or create alongs. I am joining Wendy’s knit from your stash along, and Lolly’s Project Spectrum 2.0. Now project spectrum will not be all knitting, I have a few costumes that I need to finish that fit in the colour schemes and hopefully it’ll kick my butt into gear.

That is if school doesn’t kick my butt first.

We’ll see. Until then, rest asured, I’m mostly back. Posting, as always, will be slow but at least now I’ll have prettier pictures.

Till Next Time



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