Not Done Yet

January 17, 2006 at 8:26 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Fear not, I have not failed on my resolution yet.

My lack of posting was not due to me falling back to my old ways, but rather due to the fact that I had a VERY busy weekend that included a day of work, tiling the floor of the front hall and helping to run an RPG (yes I’m a geek).

However, in this time, I joined up with the Sexy Knitters Club, I’ll have the icon up in the side bar soon, I need to do a bunch of spring cleaning on here. The SKC is a group of knitters who feel they are sexy, now this doesn’t mean slutty sexy, but rather, classy, glam, wonderful sexy. They also do Knitalongs, and the current one is Picovoli and believe me I’m already having a blast.

Even if I did have to restart the stupid thing 5 times to get the sleeves right. (I’m using a yarn called Hawai that’s 60% nylon and it’s doing weird things when I knit).

Now this has to be finished by Feb 10, because I started up also with The Yarn Harlot and her Knitting Olympics. I’m going to be making Blaze in some orange angora mix yarn that I’m ripping out of a second hand sweater that I found at Value Village. I hope to be able to finish this in the 16 days alotted, and if I have time and yarn, to make a matching shrug.

We’ll see.

So next in line is an overhaul of the blog, making it nice and pretty.

I really hope to get pictures soon. My camera is still on the fritz, but hopefully my friend’s will work.

Till Then



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